Published on June 26, 2019

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The summer is the ultimate excuse to throw a big party with all the trimmings. Of course, there are a lot of moving parts involved with hosting a large group. Not only do you have to figure out how to squeeze everyone on the guest list into your backyard, you also need to be on top of everything from keeping mosquitos away to having enough ice. (Pro tip: When you think you have too much ice, buy more.) Thanks to DIY & Done, Walmart’s hub for transforming outdoor spaces, keeping all the balls in the air is actually—dare we say it—simple.

Quick science lesson: Mosquitos hate citronella because it hurts their feet. These citronella-scented candles look like regular tea lights (goodbye, tacky tiki torches!), but still get the job done.

Enough seating means people get to focus on your knockout potato salad, not how tired their feet are.

You’ll need less hands on deck when you have a kitchen cart on wheels parked next to the grill for food prep, cup and cutlery storage, or what have you.

A few games will keep your guests busy while you’re tending to the burgers. The supersized pieces in this wood dominoes set make it ideal for outdoors.   

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Give the party’s signature beverage the spotlight in this monogrammed tub. Not into the galvanized metal? Add a fresh coat of bright paint… red, white, or blue perhaps?

Open up fridge space by storing your other drinks in this 54-quart cooler. But that’s not all it can hold. We like to store watermelon inside prior to slicing and serving it. Because is there anything worse than room temperature melon?

A lucite utensil caddy is visually unobtrusive, letting your festive tableware shine.                 

No BBQ is complete without cornhole, and we like the Scandi-esque simplicity of these wooden boards.

This easy-to-install screen door closes automatically thanks to smartly placed magnets. It’ll keep moths and mosquitos out, but is sheer enough that you’ll still feel like part of the party while you’re in the kitchen plating the pie.

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