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Scared of DIY-ing Plaster Walls? That’s Why This Wallpaper Exists

No demolition required.

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Plaster walls are having a moment. A fascination with this old-school, Mediterranean-inspired material has hit an all-time high: We’re seeing it in charming farmhouses and contemporary kitchens alike, and plaster walls made for the unofficial star of this year’s Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Since the show house is often a litmus test for upcoming design trends, it definitely caught our attention. Maybe plaster’s renaissance has something to do with everyone booking it to Italy for summer holidays (a practice we fully support), or maybe it’s because we’re searching for a break from sleek, modern styles—either way, it looks like plaster walls are here to stay.

However, this stunning style can be difficult to implement. Limewashing is one way to get the patinaed look, but while the paint technique isn’t too complicated, it can be daunting for DIY rookies. Enter: Callidus Guild’s newest wallpaper collection, which may be the easiest way to hack plaster walls at home.

Photography by Alberto Maria Colombo

Named Matte, the four-piece collection features textured wallpapers in earthy, neutral tones. Meant to evoke the sun-bleached style of homes along the Mediterranean Sea, the wallpaper is instantly transportive. Put it on any wall to transform even the tiniest of rental apartments into a rustic, seaside retreat…minus the walk-up building and fire escape pigeons. Pictured here, in Egg Collective‘s new showroom space, it instantly elevates the store. 

The neutral hues of Callidus Guild’s line lend themselves to a variety of rooms. Use the warm chocolate shade to add depth to your living room, or try the pale eggshell colorway in your bedroom to craft the ideal zen space. Layer in plenty of natural materials, like linen and jute, to finish off your Mediterranean-inspired abode.

The Matte line will officially be available to shop on Callidus Guild’s site early next week. Start prepping your space.

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