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It’s rare that I find myself overcome by the urge to laugh out loud at a sample of wallpaper; which is a good thing, because habitually doing so would make me look like a loon.

But to be fair, the average sample of wallpaper is not emblazoned with technicolor parrots, each spouting a different conspiracy by way of a speech bubble perched above their tiny heads. This parrot-laden print is just one of Aelfie’s many new wallpapers—and while every pattern deserves your attention, it’s this cheeky one (dubbed “Conspiracy Parrots”) that has the entire Domino office talking. It’s lively, it’s joy-inducing, and it’s unabashedly kitsch. This wallpaper is essentially the Diane Keaton of the decor world, and we’re very much on board.

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Conspiracy Parrots Wallpaper, Aelfie ($112+)

The wallpaper collection officially launched on May 15, but according to Aelfie founder Aelfie Oudghiri, it’s been a long time coming. “The first collection is always the hardest to get off the ground, but now that I’ve done it, I can’t wait to make more,” says Oudghiri. Her favorite pattern from the launch? Party Crashers, which may look like just a bunch of shih tzus, but also includes a rogue rat trying to parade as one of the fancy pups. “I think that’s a sentiment everyone can relate to,” says the designer.

Her wallpaper debut is the perfect representation of the vibrant style that’s become Aelfie’s signature. Each of the 11 prints is bio-degradable and non-toxic. Every paper is also removable, making the collection the perfect solution to cookie-cutter rentals in need of a little kick—and in our opinion, no pattern is better suited for the job than Conspiracy Parrots, which Oudghiri created in partnership with Nicole Daddona of Magic Society. With thought-provoking missives like, “Paul McCartney died in 1967” and “Britney Spears was cloned”, it’s ideal for bringing a touch of irreverence home in a myriad of ways:

-In your entry, for a statement that says, “Welcome to my home, what do you know about lizard people?”

-As a bedroom accent wall across from your bed, to help you muse on the veracity of the flat Earth theory as you drift off to sleep.

-Or maybe to spice up your dining room, so that you can bring life to a drab space and deduce your dinner party guests’ connection to the Illuminati in one fell swoop.

Oudghiri is planning on using Conspiracy Parrots in their studio—which, if it’s anything like her color-saturated Long Island home, sounds like a perfect match. One thing’s for sure: This is one splashy wallpaper that’s sure to sell out quickly, so head to the site to pick up yours ASAP. After all, we could all use some cheeky parrots adorning our walls and warning us about aliens. It’s important to have perspective.

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