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If a renovation is one of your New Year’s resolutions, the first thing (okay, one of the first things) you’ll need to consider is paint. Hiring a designer to help weed through the hundreds of swatches isn’t realistic for everyone—but that doesn’t mean we can’t tap into the pros’ expertise. 

Whether they’re designing a home for a client or dreaming up a new product collection, these experts are swimming in a sea of color 24-7. We tasked them to pull out their favorites, and in doing so, we concocted our very own trend forecast for the coming year. There are splashy hues and calming neutrals aplenty. Who knows? You may just find the perfect jumping-off point for that kitchen update you’ve been holding out for. 

Canary Yellow

“I think yellow is the next pink,” says Sasha Bikoff, whose punchy, saturated interiors are positively joy inducing. The draw of yellow is its variety. “There are so many tones that can be used in an array of atmospheres, from a bright pineapple to a deep saffron,” she notes. Her top choice? Canary. Go with her pick if you need something to uplift your spirits and turn a cramped apartment into a sunny retreat.

Pairs well with: “A baby blue for an Art Deco, revival-coastal feel, or a bordeaux for a more exotic flair,” says Bikoff. Anything goes, so consult your mood ring before painting. 

Pale Mint

Courtesy of Tiffany Howell

Tiffany Howell has a thing for soft pastels; specifically, this subdued green. “It’s known to be nurturing and evoke feelings of optimism and creativity: all things that I aspire to bring to my design projects in the new year,” explains the designer. She recommends using it in a space where you create (such as an office) or daydream (a reading nook). 

Pairs well with: Corals for contrast, or dark olive for a tonal pop. “It really can act as a neutral,” says Howell. 

Dove Gray

Photography by Matthew Williams

Who says gray is boring? Certainly not Cold Picnic founder Phoebe Sung. “We couldn’t really think of a color that stood out for us this season, which is rare,” she says. “Then we designed our spring collection and nearly every rug incorporated this hue; it’s calming but not passive.” Ditch the stark whites for this more nuanced shade. 

Pairs well with: Vibrant colors like peach, tomato orange, and even mint. 

Scarlet Red

Photography by Christopher Patey

“2020 feels like the year to make bold moves, and this excitement will manifest itself in brilliant hits of color,” says Mat Sanders. Step decidedly outside your comfort zone with a poppy accent wall in this hue—or get really creative and paint your door trim. 

Pairs well with: Its opposite: powdery blue. “Don’t be afraid to create odd color combinations!” adds Sanders. 


“I consulted my crystal ball, and my prediction is…camel,” says Aelfie founder Aelfie Oudghiri. She’s not talking frilly, outdated beige, though—her iteration is more of a California-inspired, laid-back shade of brown. Bring on the rattan. 

Pairs well with: Neon or jewel tones, if you’re feeling frisky, or simply white. “Really anything!” says Oudghiri. “It’s a friendly color.”

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