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Buckle up: The 2020 color of the year trend predictions are starting to roll in. First on the docket is from PPG Paint, which just announced Chinese Porcelain as its choice for next year’s hottest hue—and we’re definitely here for this pick. A dusky navy blue, Chinese Porcelain is an all-around crowd-pleaser. It’s versatile, timeless, and, yes, even relaxing, according to a report. The shade is also a great foundation for a vibrant palette. In place of neutrals, just use navy as your jumping-off point. Here, PPG’s senior color expert, Dee Schlotter, shares her favorite colors to pair with Chinese Porcelain:

The Anti-Millennial Pink

Pitted against a rich color like navy, this peachy pink shade won’t be in danger of veering into cliché territory. “We call this pairing ‘newstalgia’: fresh and modern, with a nod to the past,” explains Schlotter. She recommends a two-tone approach to a room, decking out the walls with the lighter hue and coating the ceiling in Chinese Porcelain for a little drama.

The Cheery Combo

Blame it on IKEA: Blue and yellow are meant to be together. “Being one of the most visible colors on the spectrum, yellow is the color of happiness and optimism,” says Schlotter. When you pair it with Chinese Porcelain, you instantly elevate the hue. Try a color-block approach with these shades, painting your walls in one color and your door and window trim in the other.

The Eclectic Twist

Seafoam green and dark blue aren’t typically seen together—and that’s precisely what makes this combo so fun. “The depth and richness of Chinese Porcelain provides an anchor to keep this fresh mint color grounded,” Schlotter points out. With this in mind, use the unexpected duo as an opportunity to try out a wackier paint treatment on an accent wall. Some graphic shapes or two-tone geometric designs are in order. Grab some masking tape and get started.

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