Published on May 8, 2019

Designed by Emily Henderson Design_Photo by Sara Tramp_127 Pin It
Designed by Emily Henderson Design, Photo by Sara Tramp

There are plenty of ways you can make your home feel like your own personal sanctuary—luxurious bedding, cozy nooks, even a well-placed ottoman—but above all, color can have the greatest impact. A new report from UK papermaker GF Smith and the University of Sussex shows that navy blue is the most relaxing color of all, Creative Bloq reported.

To create the World’s Favorite Color report, researchers polled over 26,000 people from 100 countries on their associations with different colors. Worldwide, navy was frequently described as being relaxing. So if you want to create a haven that virtually everyone will find compelling, this hue is a winner across the board.

The science is there, too: Studies have shown that blue can reduce heart rate, which, in turn, decreases cortisol levels (aka, the hormone that makes you feel stressed). Seems like the blues are a good thing after all.

Best of all, navy blue is totally versatile, so you can bring it into your home in a cinch. In fact, why not experiment with it in different rooms? Here are our favorite unexpected ways to use the classic color.

Give bathroom wainscotting a boost

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Designed by Emily Henderson Design, Photo by Sara Tramp

Colorful walls with white or black wooden paneling are expected, which is exactly why you should flip it and reverse it. Here, navy wainscotting makes a luxurious bathroom look even more relaxing.

Add some dimension to your bedroom

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Navy doesn’t have to be flat and boring. In this bedroom, an accent wall looks even better with a textured surface (courtesy of woven silk wallpaper) and the addition of wall sconces. Pretty dreamy, huh?

Make your living room a conversation starter

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photography by cody guilfoyle

Who says allover color can’t be perfectly calming? Painted walls, ceiling, and door make this bachelor pad feel intimate and soothing.

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