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Two navies, two blush pinks, and a lot of pale greens: The official predictions for 2020’s color of the year have something for everyone, but even so, there’s some overlap. So far, the hues picked have been on the subtle side; they’re made to work in a number of spaces and for practically any aesthetic. We’re all for it, but what about those of us who want to get a little more experimental with our chromatic choices?

That’s where you come in. In a recent Instagram poll, we asked Domino readers to decide between four colors we’ve seen pick up steam lately, influenced by the latest design shows, festivals, and cool openings across industries. Curated by our editors and chosen by our audience, here’s the group consensus on what next year’s biggest trend will be.

1st Place: Emerald

Image by Madeline Montoya

With 43 percent of the vote, this rich green is the one to watch. It’s nothing if not topical; we suspect the nature-inspired shade speaks to our increased concern over climate change. But when compared to other tones similarly influenced by nature, rich emerald feels fresh. Dress it up with other luxe colors, from jewel blues to glittering metallics or go for contrast by sticking it in a neutral space. Any way you spin it, the result will be eye-catching. 

2nd Place: Rust 

Image by Madeline Montoya

Haven’t you heard? We’re in a ’70s revival! Amid all the curved designs and rattan materials, it makes sense that this retro orange took home 36 percent—and interest isn’t dying down. Style editors Elaina Sullivan and Julia Stevens reported seeing rusty and persimmon hues at Maison this year, and the color’s popularity goes beyond Paris. At the recent Venice Biennale, Haris Epaminonda chose burnt orange as the backdrop for her booth. In Milan, the Wes Anderson exhibit at the Prada Foundation has it in spades. Whether you dig into the color’s intrinsic coziness via a fuzzy rug or keep it sleek with a vase, its draw is its versatility. 

3rd Place: Lilac

Image by Madeline Montoya

Even if we’ve reached peak Millennial Pink fatigue, we just can’t get enough of ice cream pastels—this pink-purple shade got 11 percent of the vote. We selected this shade inspired by the fashion world—from Gucci to Acne Studios, the SS/20 runways were coated in lavender. Our preferred way to decorate with it juxtaposes its sweetness with modacrylic chairs or organically shaped glass tumblers. There’s not a ruffle in sight. 

4th Place: Coral 

Image by Madeline Montoya

Last (but certainly not least): A vivid pink, garnering 10 percent of your votes. The draw of a color like this is that it’s subtly everywhere, from the tech we consume (if you don’t have a mini Google Home, you know someone who does) to the books we read (Sally Rooney’s Mr Salary came out in early 2019 and is likely still littering the coffee tables of bookworms everywhere). It’s designed to make a statement, so it can pop against your everyday table setting or make your everyday cream-colored sofa a bit brighter. Looks like Pantone called it, after all. 

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