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It seems hard to believe, but we’re already approaching 2020 Color of the Year announcement season: Last year, PPG Paint was the first to release its pick in early June. In the face of what is likely going to be an onslaught of chromatic predictions, each one claiming to be THE hue of the new year, one company is taking a refreshing approach to color trends. Clare just released a brand-new color, and rather than dictating the trend, it turned to its customers to crowdsource the pick.

Introducing “Frozen,” a beautiful pale blue shade that will brighten any space in which it’s installed. It was chosen by Clare devotees via a social media campaign, selected from six potential shades to join the brand’s exclusive palette of 56 colors. Over 2,000 people voted for the final color, even picking the final name—though we think the runner-up moniker, “Ice Ice Baby,” would be equally fun.

Blue photo
Frozen, Clare Paint

For Clare founder Nicole Gibbons, tapping her customers to influence a trending color was a no-brainer. “Other brands tend to launch lots of new colors, dictate trends, and force customers to buy into that trend,” she explains, pointing specifically to Color of the Year announcements. “We really wanted to empower our customers and give them a say in the product development process. Involving our fans in the color selection was also far more fun and exciting for our team—the response was amazing.”

It’s also a smart strategy to figure out what colors people are actually loving, rather than relying on trend reports. Interestingly, both of the final two colors were shades of blue: the icy Frozen, and a medium teal tone. Gibbons suspect this is down to the universal appeal of cooler colors.

“We had a deep olive green and even a berry pink in the initial mix, but those are edgier tones; whereas blues tend to feel more timeless,” she explains. “Shades of blue are also extremely versatile. They don’t overpower a room and tend to be very complementary to any other colors present in a space.”

Take Frozen, for example. Paired with crisp whites and subdued neutrals, it feels light and airy; perfect for the minimalist decorator looking to dip their toe into subtle color. However, taken together with mustard yellows and rich berry tones, it’s a much more statement-making shade. This contrast makes it prime for a maximalist sensibility.

Looking to try your hand at the newly trending hue? Test it out on your bedroom walls to craft a calming oasis or opt for a smaller statement by painting your window or door frames in the refreshing blue.

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