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Introducing Domino’s new podcast, Design Time, where we explore spaces with meaning. Each week, join editor-in-chief Jessica Romm Perez along with talented creatives and designers from our community to explore how to create a home that tells your story. Listen now and subscribe for new episodes every Thursday.

For Nicole Gibbons, disrupting the paint industry was a matter of simplifying the fan deck. In 2018 the longtime designer launched DTC brand Clare, with the aim of taking the guesswork out of decorating (the company carries a curated selection of 56 swatches). “It’s extremely overwhelming when you’re choosing between thousands of pink colors,” Gibbons explains on Domino’s new podcast, Design Time, in conversation with editor-in-chief Jessica Romm Perez—out today on Spotify and Apple Podcast

During the episode, Gibbons reveals what it was like to leave the corporate world (she got her start in fashion PR) to set up her own interiors firm, before hitting the ground running with Clare. The design pro also dishes on the mood-boosting hue she’s loving right now, the $6 decorating trick that has instant impact, and the number-one thing to consider before picking out a fresh wall color. Finally, we ask Gibbons to share 10 things that make her happy, from the flowers she always has on hand to her go-to spot for ramen. 

My Design Heroes

“I always reference Billy Baldwin. He had such a fresh way of arranging rooms. And I think his interiors were ahead of his time (the ’60s and ’70s). As for contemporary designers, I’ve always been a fan of Windsor Smith and Peter Dunham. I need that Cali inspiration and energy in New York.” 

My Paint Swatch

“Penthouse from Clare is the perfect pale shade of gray. It’s super, super light, and that’s the main color in my home. I have it in my living room—it’s just the ideal neutral.” 

My Dream Kitchen

“If I were choosing my dream kitchen, I would color-block the cabinets: go darker, richer on the bottom and sort of airy and brighter up top. I love a color in our palette called Make Waves. It’s medium blue-green and would look lovely on lower cabinets or on an island. Then I’d choose a shade of white for my uppers.” 

My Texture of Choice

“I’m really into the woven vibe. I think it feels so fresh. I love the texture that the cane chairs in my dining room add to the space. But then a timeless combo that will always work no matter what is linen and velvet. It’s in almost every space I design.”

My Go-To Restaurant

“Ramen is my ultimate comfort food. I love Ippudo in New York. When the lockdown ends, it will definitely be one of the first spots I go to.” 

Courtesy of Ippudo

Photography by Meghan McNeer

My Favorite Place to Soak Up Inspiration

“Every Soho House location has such impeccable interiors. They have that relaxed vibe that I love going back to. Even though they’re beautifully designed with incredible finishes and textures and all of that, they still feel lounge-y and approachable and cozy.”

My Guilty Pleasure

“I’m really into bowls—ones you can fill with lemons or oranges—and footed bowls. I think those also can be really, really interesting objects to have in your space.” 

My Forever Flower

“I love a good old-fashioned peony. They just make you happy and are so impactful.” 

My Source for Vintage

“I love Etsy and 1stdibs for vintage. I do everything online, and I go back to them over and over.” 

My Wind-Down Ritual

“Baking for me is not about actually eating the thing, it’s about the process of making the thing. And for whatever reason, it’s so relaxing. During quarantine I’ve been into baking doughs and bread. I just made the cinnamon date sticky buns that have gone viral. It’s so therapeutic.”