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There’s a lot going on in Sophia Roe’s world. On top of being hard at work on her Vice show, Counter Space, in which she explores the impact of food on our world (and vice versa), the chef and wellness advocate has scooped up a new home in the same downtown New York City neighborhood she’s been living in. When she’s not filming, she’s putting in the time to update the space with everything from fresh paint to her favorite Swedish sofa.

Roe caught up with Domino’s editor-in-chief, Jessica Romm Perez, on this week’s episode of Design Time (out today on Spotify and Apple Podcasts) to discuss living a balanced life between food, community, movement, and staying true to yourself. “Once I started being honest about myself and what my life looked like, I started to notice similar things happening,” says Roe. “Our only human need is to be honest. We don’t even have to be kind, really; we just have to be who we are. The biggest responsibility is to be genuine.”

During their talk, Roe also took Perez through her 10 favorite things—read on to check out what’s inspiring her lately. 

Favorite Color Pairing

Purple and green are my favorite colors. They never go together. People think they’re weird, but I think they’re beautiful no matter what tone or where you use them. Purple always gets disrespected, but I love it. It’s like disco for life.
paint blobs

Photography by Terraxplorer/Getty Images

Iconic Space

The subway. I get to experience it as often as I want, and it goes through so many ebbs and flows. Every kind of person and every kind of life can be found on the subway. It’s like the arteries of the city.

Dream Destination

I would like to go to Japan. My grandmother was Japanese. I’d love to go to Kyoto and have ramen by the ocean. I can’t wait for that.

Photography by Masao Taira/Getty Images

Plant Pick

I have basically every kind of plant you could possibly imagine. I have a massive olive tree that’s thriving. I mean, she’s huge. She’s like 10 feet tall, which I love. But my favorite thing in the world—and this is probably not going to shock anyone—is actually not in the plant kingdom at all. I love fungi. So I have, as we speak, about 15 fungus grow boxes right now. I love fungus, moles, spores, and yeasts. And I understand that sounds absolutely bizarre, but they can teach us so much about life. 

Material of the Moment

I’m really into Caterina Moretti right now. She makes these volcanic rock pieces. They’re black and have speckles of pink and purple in them. I’m obsessed with anything rock or concrete, those sorts of textures that go really well with color. They’re so neutral and earth-based.

Vintage Source

There’s this woman named Pia Manu. She makes these gorgeous coffee tables out of natural stone that I really love.

Fave Film

I watch Auntie Mame probably once a week. When I was a kid, I saw the movie and it was the first time that I ever had a crush on someone. Obviously, I was just a kid, but I just remember thinking, Wow, she is wearing whatever she wants. She keeps redecorating her house in, like, one minute. You can’t tell Auntie Mame shit.

Photography by Pictorial Parade/Getty Images

Wind-Down Routine

Aside from the mushroom factory I’ve got growing, definitely having a few glasses of Beaujolais every night.

Bedside Book

I read a lot. Right now I’m reading Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver, which is just a really heavy read. He was a Black Panther and former candidate for president of the United States, which is unbelievable. He wrote things that shaped and broke the mold. The book was written while he was in Folsom State Prison. It’s just a really gorgeous, gorgeous testimony.

Latest Design Find

I have this beautiful Carl Malmsten couch that I think is absolutely stunning. I found it on Chairish from a dealer who was really flexible with price and shipping to get it within my range. 

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