This Is What a Dream Home Looked Like in 2019, According to Domino Readers

Pink front doors win again.
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small home with a pink front door

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There’s no one thing that makes a house a dream home. Really, it’s a combination of factors, and, depending on who you ask, each person’s fantasy decor situation will be a little bit different. A tiled patio and spiral staircase may be your cup of tea; others might prefer a spacious pantry and wallpapered powder room. But in between crazes and personal preference, there’s hard data. So in an effort to track this year’s trends, we ran the numbers.

Below, we pieced together the #SoDomino dream house by looking at the photos you liked (and engaged with!) the most this year on our Instagram account. For example, in 2018, your love of classic neutrals was strong, but 2019 was a totally different (color) story. From jewel-toned living rooms to hand-painted ceilings, the past 365 days have been bolder than ever. Take the tour of your dream house, divided by room.

The Exterior

Some things never change: Pink front doors reigned supreme this year, just like they did in 2018. Brightland founder Aishwarya Iyer’s California home is straight out of a fairy tale, with its sweet archway, tiled walkway, and tiny mailbox. 

The Entryway

This small NYC entry designed by Lori Paranjape has all the makings of a stylish and efficient space: a vintage rug (for catching dirt and adding texture); an oversize round mirror (crucial for last-minute touch-ups); and a rustic wood bench that can double as a catchall for bags, books, and more. 

The Living Room


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Okay, now we just really want a yellow sofa. Photo by @kfiszerfoto, design by @grillodesigns #SOdomino

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First pink, then red, now mustard yellow? A colorful sofa is our favorite evolving trend. Medina Grillo’s mustard yellow couch caught your attention this spring, but we also can’t take our eyes off the graphic wall mural.

The Kitchen

The vibrant moments continue into the kitchen. Designer Dee Murphy’s green Italian range is the star of her zellige tile–covered space

The Bathroom

In order to differentiate the walk-in shower from the rest of their bright bathroom, Kelly and Jeff Mindell of Studio DIY opted for a daring combination: pink and green. Another idea worth stealing? Take the tile all the way up to the ceiling. 

The Dining Room

This free-form treatment that artist Elan Evans created for interior designer Jeff Schlarb makes a case for coloring outside the lines. Next time you’re looking at pricey wall coverings, consider hitting up your local hardware store for paint instead.

The Stairway

Not handy with a paintbrush? Grab a scraper. We’re all for this opposite approach that Sarah Madeira Day took to the staircase in her 290-year-old Maine house.

The Bedroom

As far as restful respites go, this suite at Hotel Vilòn in Rome checks all the boxes—romantic lighting, moody pinks, and plush furniture. Small-space dwellers, take note: This is a foolproof floor plan for a studio apartment.

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