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The Best Organizing Ideas Marie Kondo Has Ever Re-’grammed

These storage solutions have her stamp of approval.
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Multi-hyphenate Marie Kondo has taken on some new job titles in the past few years: book author, Netflix star, shop owner, and packer extraordinaire. But we can’t forget what she’s best known for, and that’s organizing.

So when Kondo spotlights another decluttering expert’s work, you know it’s good. In fact, she regularly shares her favorites on her Instagram feed, which she treats like a saved folder by bookmarking clever ideas on repeat. We went way, way back and rounded up our favorite storage solutions that Kondo has reposted. Out of the 800-plus, we can’t wait to try these:

The Epic Garage Arrangement

Outdoor gear ranks high on the list of hard-to-store things, mostly because of bulky bike helmets, tennis rackets, and jump ropes that don’t fit neatly in a basket. Neat Method organizer Nicole Loiterstein’s solution: Hang everything on a pegboard and attach mesh baskets to corral smaller items like sidewalk chalk and baseballs.

The Simplified Pantry


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On a scale of 1-10, a tidy pantry is an 11. Don’t you agree? Photo by @sharrahstevens.

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We all know that clear, labeled containers are the best way to store pantry goods (for starters, they make it easier to see what you’re grabbing). But Sharrah Stevens taught us that you can really max out your shelf space by stacking smaller bins. Also, oils and other seasonings don’t need to come out of their jars—just stow them away in baskets.

The Color-Coded Cabinet


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In awe of this colorful storage display! Photo by @thriftedqueen.

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Arranging a bookshelf by hue might be a controversial move, but organizing kitchenware by color is something we can all get behind. It helps that Thrifted Queen’s Pyrex bowls feature the same patterns, so your eye easily flows from top to bottom.

The Craft Containers

Even if you have a dedicated art room for your kids or a big bin of supplies stashed away in the basement, consider keeping a few basics in a smaller, second nook. Silje B. Gaarder’s daughters love to create new masterpieces in the kitchen, so she keeps everything in reach (yet still out of sight). The organization blogger put all their stuff in a single drawer and added small trays to keep the spot from becoming a marker free-for-all.

The Non-Boring Basket


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Choose storage options that spark the most joy for you! A #beforeandafter that really caught my eye – bravo @minimalistmeblog.

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Kondo says it best: “Choose storage options that spark the most joy for you.” Sarit Sela of Minimalist Me Blog had happiness top of mind when she chose these pink crates by Hay. Color aside, they’re a dream for holding rolled up tees and workout gear. Getting dressed for the gym just got so much more fun.

The Fresh Filing System

Our first instinct when we have a bunch of important documents, mail, and other papers on our hands is to divvy them up by category. But if you really want to be productive, consider classifying things in order of action. Camila Valim’s “pending” versus “to-do” system is a recipe for getting stuff done.

The Guilt-Free Gallery

Don’t force yourself to part with your child’s art (but definitely don’t let it pile up in a junk drawer either). Kondo is a big fan of displaying all their little creations in one corner of the home à la photographer Dana Gallagher. Thanks to a roll of hot pink tape, her laundry room is now full of all kinds of inspiration.

The Dish Towel Drawer

Kondo’s famous folding method can be applied to all sorts of items (not just pants and shirts). Instead of draping kitchen rags over your oven handle, stick them in a drawer—the key is getting them to stand up straight so they don’t become a giant jumble of fabric. Bree of The Homemaking Mama went one step further by lining them up by color. Immediately double-taps.

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