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We’ve never looked forward to laundry day. Sort, wash, dry, fold, repeat. Yawn. Add having a bunch of delicates to clean on top of that and we’re even more likely to put it off. We were sold on the idea of paying the dry cleaner’s to do our dirty work until Tracee Ellis Ross revealed her Sunday ritual: hand-washing. 

“It’s one of my great joys,” she shared in a two-minute-something video on Instagram. With a freshly washed, still-wet sweater sprawled out on an ironing board next to her, the actress begins gently smoothing out the creases. “It smells delish—so much fresher than dry-cleaning,” she says. First, Marie Kondo proved to the world there’s joy to be found in folding. Now Ellis Ross is schooling us on the satisfaction of slowing down and laundering a single garment. 

While the Black-ish star doesn’t dive into all the details, she notes that she keeps a large bucket on hand for when she’s not using the delicate setting on her front-load machine. Anyways, the point of her tutorial isn’t about the how but the why. “My mother told me early on in my life if you’re going to spend money on things, you need to take care of them,” she says.

You don’t need a spacious laundry room to do like Ellis Ross. All you really need are the four hand-washing essentials below. Go ahead, take a load off. 

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