Marie Kondo Asked Fans “What’s the Oddest Item You’ve Folded?” and Their Answers Are Great

TBH, we’ve never tried folding toilet paper.
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If you’ve ever seen Marie Kondo fold a pair of yoga pants or a plain T-shirt, you know how easy the tidying maven makes it all look. And, it’s true—if you follow her revolutionary technique carefully, you come to realize that folding a flat pair of jeans isn’t rocket science. But what about everything else that doesn’t curl up so neatly?

Kondo knows that some items are trickier to tidy than others. So the decluttering guru–turned–Netflix sensation recently asked her Instagram followers, “What’s the oddest item you’ve folded?” Their answers were quite revealing.

Inflatable Christmas trees, snuggies, seven-pound winter coats, toilet paper rolls, bodysuits—these are just some of the awkward items KonMari fiends are trying to stow away neatly.

“I have work overalls with foam pads in the knees that are a strange fold,” responded one follower. Her other big pet peeve? “I have trouble with sweaters, so I just hang them all now. Having them folded was not sparking joy.”

In addition to an alarming amount of respondents who said “my dogs’ clothes,” an overwhelming majority of followers listed fitted sheets as their biggest qualm. In the spirit of spring-cleaning, we’re revisiting how to fold some of the most awkward items in the home.

Things with lots of strings

KonMari consultant in-training Alba e il Riordino’s Instagram is chock-full of ideas for tackling random odds and ends. With summer on the horizon, we’re particularly concerned about one critical article of clothing: bathing suits. In a short and sweet video tutorial, Riordino begins by flipping a strappy one piece over so the back is facing up, tucking the lingering straps within the top cup, and lining up the seams of the bottom before completing three folds.

Chunky winter things


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De esto que llevas tiempo dándole vueltas al método de @mariekondo de organizar cajones y armarios y te da un finde por organizar ropa ?????? echadle un ojo al hashtag #konmari y veréis un montón de ideas de organizar, limpiar, reducir al mínimo todo aquello que acumulas para organizar tu vida empezando por los armarios ??hay toda una filosofía de vida basada en el minimalismo, y el método #konmari te enseña, entre otras cosas, a doblar tu ropa de forma que ocupe menos espacio y sea más visible ?? yo he empezado con bufandas, toallas, bañadores, camisetas y ropa de deporte… os enseño algunos cajones ? yo no he clasificado por colores, que es otro paso del método para que visualmente todo sea más coherente ?? y además solo lo he hecho con cosas que no me preocupa mucho que se arruguen ?? conocéis el método de @mariekondo ??? Qué os parece??? Hay un libro que lo explica todo ?#konmari #mariekondo #organization #kondodrawer #minimalism #home #lifeorganized #cajonesordenados #metodokonmari

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Sweaters and winter coats might seem like they require a completely different approach, but Kondo suggests the same general method can be applied. “No matter the original shape, the basic principle when folding clothing is to create a rectangular shape,” she wrote on Instagram. “Once you get that rectangular shape, the rest is easy—fold in half or thirds, depending on the height of your drawer.” Remember: The general gist is that items should stand upright in a drawer.

Linen closet things


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•Folding• Turns out I’m not the only one obsessed with organised spaces! Lots of you were interested in Marie Kondos folding method like ??this (vertical folding) it’s much easier to get things out and to see what you have (especially in draws where you pile tshirts and thing on top of each other, if you fold and stack vertically you can see everything ??#mariekondothatshit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #lifestyle#organisation#fromwhereistand#homestyling#interiorstyling#home#ocd #simplify#minimalism#lifestylehacks#idistudent#interiordesigninstitute#interior_and_living#kmartaus#kmart#scandiboho#interiordesigner#interior4all#stylist#organisation #photoaday#myhomestyle#interiordecorating#sharemystyle#homeinspo#bedroomgoals#kmartstyling#interiortrends

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Let’s get back to the fitted sheet dilemma. Bed sheets require a touch more physical involvement, but the workout is totally worth it if you can get your linen closet to look as beautiful and streamlined as this. Blogger Janine Young breaks down the rules of Marie Kondo’ing fitted sheets with a brief video tutorial.

Her guidelines are as follows:

  • Lay the sheet with the elastic side facing up on a flat surface.
  • Tuck the bottom two corners up into the top two corners.
  • Shake and smooth out your creases as needed to get a clean, square-like shape again.
  • To keep everything symmetrical, fold the bottom half up to even out the bulk at the top.
  • Fold one side into the middle, repeat on the other side.
  • Fold the sheet into thirds.

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