Published on October 4, 2019

You’ve KonMari-ed your kitchen cabinets and interrogated each pair of your jeans to determine if it sparks joy. Next, Marie Kondo would like you to consider your desk. The organizing whiz responsible for a whole new generation of people obsessed with tidying up just announced her second book, Joy at Work

Written in collaboration with psychologist and Rice University professor Scott Sonenshein, the book will delve into Workplace Decluttering 101. It comes out in 2020 and we don’t know much about it yet, but according to publisher Little Brown, it will teach us how to deal with everything from disorganized papers to endless emails. Hey, if Kondo can get us to in-box zero, she deserves a medal. 

While we wait for the book to come out, here are a few of our own go-to tactics for clearing up desktops—they might not be Kondo-approved per se, but we can all agree that eliminating that stack of folders will spark joy regardless. 

Compartmentalize (the Healthy Way)

If your workspace is merely a desk, keep what surface area you do have as clean as possible by investing in a few sturdy containers to house all your smaller knickknacks and supplies. Hay’s multicolored glass jars are straight-up eye candy, and The Container Store’s drawer dividers will help keep chaotic cabinets contained. 

Get Inspired

See if you can swing adding a pegboard or corkboard to designate as your creative outlet, where you can display mementos and inspiration to brighten your days even just a little. Bonus: All those clippings won’t be taking over your space anymore.

Schedule Weekly Clean-Outs

Start your Fridays off on a less stressful note (well, compared to endless meetings, anyway) and spend 10 minutes going through everything you’ve accumulated during the week. Mail that invoice that’s been sitting in your tray since Wednesday and recycle your collection of empty cardboard boxes; your Monday self will thank you. 

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