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You’ve KonMari-ed your kitchen cabinets and interrogated each pair of jeans to determine if it sparks joy. Next, Marie Kondo would like you to consider your desk. The organizing wiz responsible for a whole new generation of people obsessed with tidying up just launched a new book, Joy at Work

Written in collaboration with psychologist and Rice University professor Scott Sonenshein, the book is all about how to make the most of an office—whatever form that may take. Kondo’s own workspace is pretty aspirational. “My desk is very simple—I try not to have anything on it,” she tells us. However, if your own setup is a little more cluttered, fear not: From tackling disorganized papers to incorporating a little relaxation into your routine, there’s a lot she touches on in the book. 

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Joy at Work, Marie Kondo ($24)

Right now, as we try to carve out a work-from-home station that’s equal parts motivating and inspiring, the advice is especially pertinent. We tapped Kondo to find out what her own essentials are. 

The Hit of Freshness

Whatever the season, Kondo always keeps a flower prominently on her desk; when we chatted on Google Hangouts, the star of the moment was a little pink bloom in an equally rosy bud vase. “I tend to find them when I go grocery shopping—it’s easier to find them there,” explains Kondo. “I also have flowers in the backyard, so I’ll pick those, too.” For spring, she’s alternating between ranunculus and sweet poppies. 

The Organizing Lifesaver

Kondo has had the same camel-colored notebook cover for three or four years. Every morning she starts out by prioritizing her tasks: “Which ones can I outsource? Which ones demand my immediate attention?” she says. 

It’s not necessarily a solo endeavor: Something else she does is sit down with her husband (the two helm the KonMari company) and map everything out in a big sketchbook. They pick a theme or discussion topic and manually brainstorm all their ideas and aspirations. “It’s an exercise in putting that which is on our mind down on paper,” explains Kondo. 

The Meditative Moment

When she needs a bit of calm, Kondo grabs her zen egg. She swears that rolling it around in her palm helps her focus—though she also posted a video on Instagram about how to use it for a longer meditation. “I just love the texture,” she says of the maple wood object. “I’m a fiend when it comes to good texture. It’s very important for me to spark joy through touch.” If crystals and plants haven’t helped you relax, you might want to try this. 

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