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We all know we’re meant to rotate our clothes as summer turns to fall, but for those of us whose apartments barely fit one closet (let alone a second one for off-season pieces), this advice is easier given than done. So when the prophet Marie Kondo offers up a solution, we listen. The organizing pro shared a handy diagram for storing items not currently in use on her Instagram—and the answer? Sweater bags. 

It’s a simple fix, but one that often gets overlooked in favor of rolling under-bed storage and massive bins. Since these bags don’t have rigid edges like their counterparts, they can be configured to fit in virtually any space. Press down on them to eliminate air and make them even smaller, as Kondo suggests, then slide them into empty suitcases or stack them on a high shelf. Kondo’s tip is specifically geared toward knits, but she acknowledges the same philosophy applies to all our summer favorites. Several of her followers reported trying this technique with things like shorts (Kondo’s response: “Way to go!”) and even bed linens


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In the comments, a KonMari consultant weighed in, recommending you start looking for the bags on Amazon or at the Container Store. For those worried about accidentally squashing their sundresses and causing them distress (if you’ve read Kondo’s book, you know that, yes, this is a real thing), the consultant had an answer for that, too: “There are various sizes of storage bags, so [try] letting your clothes ‘show you’ if the space is too snug or too loose to determine the right size bag.” Crisis averted. Go forth and enjoy your newfound closet real estate. 

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