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Garages are like black holes. Holiday decorations, gardening tools, lawn games—one by one, they get sucked in. The junk pile is an especially hard pill to swallow when summer rolls around and you can’t find your tennis racket or have to climb over a mountain of boxes to get to a beach chair. Fortunately, Marie Kondo has found a solution to the madness.

The tidying guru is constantly scouring Instagram for inspiring storage solutions, often sharing her favorite discoveries on her own feed. This week’s winning idea? Neat Method organizer Nicole Loiterstein’s picture-perfect organizer for outdoor gear. 

“Because garages are quite large, I recommend installing storage solutions—such as hanging racks, shelving units, etc.,” Kondo wrote in the post.

In this case, Loiterstein used an old-school workbench pegboard to corral all the summertime essentials in one place. Bulkier items, like bike helmets, tennis rackets, and umbrellas, hang from straight hooks, while smaller things, such as sidewalk chalk or baseballs, sit in mesh bins. (Loiterstein revealed to a commenter in her original post that the baskets are from Home Depot.) The labels, of course, take the display to a whole new level. 

In true KonMari fashion, Kondo suggests first taking stock of what you have before deciding what to hang up (and what to toss). Once you’ve narrowed down your belongings to the necessities, hit up your local hardware store for a similar pegboard. If the end result looks anything like this, it will spark serious joy.

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