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You Can Thank Marie Kondo for This Satisfying Instagram Trend

Closet envy is real.

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“There’s a line around the block,” my roommate texted me yesterday, referencing the sheer quantity of people in my Brooklyn neighborhood who were trying to sell their unwanted clothes at Buffalo Exchange. Later that day, I saw someone tweet that the expected wait for those in line was estimated to be an hour. This mass desire to get rid of the old falls in line with a generally evergreen New Year’s attitude. But this year, there was an element that made the effects all the more extreme: We were all Kondo-ing.

Though the KonMari method has been embraced by some for nearly seven years now, her popularity has only grown. Her approach to tidying looks at all aspects of the home, but her method for decluttering a wardrobe seems to be the one that struck the deepest chord with audiences, if lines at resell establishments are any measure. A growing trend on Instagram that involves overhead photos of ultra-neat drawers filled with perfectly folded garments is also an indication of Kondo’s power.

Of all the possible social media trends to try in 2020, this is one that we can get behind; it gives us the inspiration we need to declutter our own homes and, of course, has an oddly satisfying appeal. These Instagram posts have sparked some serious joy for us—perhaps they’ll give you the lift you need, too.


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A post shared by Melissa Jack (@thebestnest) on

The ability to see every single T-shirt in your drawer: priceless.


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A post shared by Meredith Bay Tyack (@meredithtested) on

Never underestimate the power of a clear bin for overflow.


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A post shared by L a u r e n ? Q u i g l e y (@laurenrichellequigley) on

Who can resist arranging clothes in a smile-inducing rainbow?


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Closet envy is real, and this photo is enough to induce it.


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If your T-shirts vaguely resemble a neat stack of CDs, you’re folding the right way. 


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A post shared by Kayla Godfrey (@keepingupwith_k) on

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of your clothes breathing a sigh of relief.


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A post shared by monsoon mind minimalism (@monsoon.mind.minimalism) on

If you want to take your organization even further, arrange your shirts by pattern and color.

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