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Everyone’s just trying to keep their cool—and for many people around the country, that means investing in a sizable backyard amenity. The demand for kiddie pools dramatically increased as early as March, and easily customizable stock tank pools have been on the rise for the past few years. But the dark horse top seller of 2020? Above-ground pools—which, The New York Times reported last month, have been selling out, thanks to their ease of installation and promise of fun summer days to come.

While the above-ground pool is not a new accessory, it’s one that has fallen out of favor: Compared with pretty wading pools or (admittedly more expensive) built-in ones, it’s not always the most stylish addition to an outdoor space. But that doesn’t mean a little bit of DIY effort can’t go a long way. Here are three ways you can transform an above-ground pool into an oasis of your own.

Wrap It in Bamboo


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For a beachy vibe, simply wrap an above-ground pool in bamboo fencing, as demonstrated here by the Maria Method.

Paint It


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Most above-ground pools come in a combination of blue and white—a look that didn’t totally fit in with Manda McGrath’s style. So the Merrythought cofounder updated her Craigslist buy with oil-based black paint. See her whole process here.

Style It Out


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Interior designer Melanie Rave turned a simple above-ground pool into a mini swim club right in her own backyard. She covered the blue liner of the pool with clay-colored duct tape; surrounded it with a rounded deck (complete with a cute entry door); added a gravel path; and styled the space with an umbrella, beach chair, and a few new plants. The beauty is in the details.

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