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Any bookworm recognizes the internal struggle of wanting to pick up the latest best seller but not having any space left in their bookcase. Even our beloved Ikea Billy Bookcase can only hold so much before collapsing. Which is why this particular book organization tool is so genius: It makes use of unused space, costs less than $15, and comes with over 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon. The Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf is a small spacedwelling book lover’s best friend.

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Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf, Amazon ($15)

The wall shelves come in silver and white, as well as an assortment of sizes. Buy them as a pack to make a bookshelf gallery wall of sorts or just pick up one large one to hold even the heaviest of hardcovers—the biggest size can hold up to 20 pounds.

According to the 1,059 reviewers on Amazon (and counting), they’re a great solution for a myriad of needs. One reviewer used them as a sleek wall mount for a pair of lamps; another liked the industrial style to use as a house for her Amazon Alexa. But if you’re looking to go the more traditional route and just use books, they’re a solid purchase.

“This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen; I bought many smaller ones and made a floating library in my home, and it’s jaw-dropping,” writes one reviewer.

“I used them to organize the large quantity of children’s books that I have in my house,” writes another, speaking to how parents of youngsters, in particular, might find these useful. “There were many books that I wanted left out of reach to avoid total toddler destruction.”

“Bottom line: An innovative, interesting way to store your books,” echoes one reviewer. “Buy a few to give your room a surreal look.”

Here are some of our favorite ways to style the shelves.

For monochromatic moments…

Arrange by color. Not only will this pack a visually exciting punch when it comes to looking at your newly displayed books, but it’s also a good organization tactic.

For makeshift plant storage…

Using a couple books as the base to secure the shelf, pop a potted plant on top for an easy way to bring in some greenery. Opt for books with unfussy, simple covers so the finished effect isn’t too busy. As long as your plant isn’t too heavy (or doesn’t require too much watering that may potentially damage the books underneath—succulents are a safe bet), it’ll work perfectly.

For a minimalist office space…

If you’re short on desk space and don’t want to crowd an already small office with bookshelves, mount a set of these over your desk to keep textbooks or research books within easy access. Even if you only have a free corner in your apartment to use as a home office, these small wall shelves make it possible to have a clean, organized workspace.

For a nightstand replacement…

Maybe you don’t have enough space in your tiny bedroom for a dedicated nightstand—the Umbra shelves are a two-in-one solution. Keep a couple of your latest favorite reads on this shelf mounted next to your bed and add a lightweight reading lamp on top. This CB2 Arc Table Lamp is a sleek option we love.

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