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Why Are 15,000 Amazon Reviewers So Obsessed With This $5 Mini Skillet?

What is this, a skillet for ants?

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The tiny home movement is gaining momentum—and with it, apparently all our favorite household goods are similarly shrinking.

Going small seems to be trending across the board. Suddenly, miniature kitchen tools like tiny butter knives and mini butter-warming pots are everywhere. The teeny glass spoons on view at the recent Object & Thing design fair elicited rapturous responses from the entire Domino editorial team. There’s something so delightful about these products—and apparently, more than 15,000 Amazon reviewers are inclined to agree. One of the top 10 best-selling home products on the site is a 3.5-inch cast-iron skillet, which boasts an average 4.5 star rating and numerous rapturous reviews of its own.

“Throw your money at Amazon and never look back,” gushes one reviewer. “I cook everything in this baby.”

“I’ve named my 3.5-inch pan Thomas the Tiny. That’s how much I like it, I named the damn thing,” shares another.

Word to the wise: 3.5 inches is, well, very small. Don’t buy this skillet expecting to be prepping elaborate group meals. That said, it’s a great purchase for those looking to build out an arsenal of kitchen tools, especially if you live alone. Cooking for one doesn’t have to be a sad affair, and when your sous chef is this charmingly mini cast-iron skillet, it can even be fun.

It’s perfect for frying an egg, cooking sauces that won’t create massive amounts of leftovers, and trying your hand at a dessert for one. If you’re looking for a summery recipe that requires a cast-iron skillet, try a strawberry rhubarb galette—though you’ll definitely have to tweak the proportions for an individual serving. Some Amazon reviewers also recommend it as the perfect camping cooking tool.

If all that fails, the skillet is also just a really great decorative piece. Hang it up on your kitchen utility rack with the rest of your (likely human-size) pots and pans. Keep it displayed on your counters as a spoon rest or rustic objet. At $5, it’s a pretty low-risk purchase.

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