The Most Popular Prime Day Home Product Is This Beloved 9-in-1 Tool

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With two days of deals on 1,000 products, Amazon Prime Day has a lot of solid contenders for the best-seller spot. In the Home and Kitchen section of the sale, however, the winner is pretty much a given. As of Monday afternoon, according to site rankings, the current most popular item in that category is an Instant Pot. 

This news isn’t surprising, despite the fact that it’s mid-July and no one on this side of the equator is making slow-cooker soups and stews right now. The Instant Pot has a cult following at this point—it was also the number-one Amazon best-seller on Cyber Monday last year. 

We get it—it’s just an all-around cooking lifesaver. This little miracle pot, which will fit neatly into a nook on your kitchen counter, is nine appliances in one: pressure cooker, rice cooker, egg cooker, sauté-er, steamer, sterilizer, yogurt maker (!), and warmer, to boot. Use it for everything from your go-to chili recipe to cake. (No, really.) For summertime treats, it will make things like cooking rice or steaming vegetables that much more seamless—no more slaving over a hot stove. 

All that to say, an Instant Pot for under $90 is not a common occurrence, so run, don’t walk, to the checkout page. 

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