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If you’re looking to completely overhaul your bedroom for spring, you can always invest in some new furniture or try a new paint color. That said, if you’re not feeling particularly adventurous—or if you don’t have the budget for Extreme Makeover: Bedroom Edition—there are some pretty great smaller additions that pack a stylish punch from H&M Home.

The retailer’s newest collections are equal parts elegant and playful, featuring both fun prints and subdued colors in everything from bedding to curtains. And with many of our favorites weighing in at under $50, these decorative pieces are a small way to give your bedroom some TLC in anticipation of the upcoming season. Here, the items currently in our shopping carts.

Washed Linen Pillowcase, $19.99

A minimalist take on the nautical trend, this washed linen pillowcase is a small way to add a bit of luxury to your bedding; because if you haven’t made the transition to linen yet, you’re missing out. Thin stripes add just enough detail to keep it from feeling too boring.

Clear Glass Mini Vase, $9.99

You’ll need somewhere to store those groundbreaking florals for spring, right? Whether arranging a bunch of your favorite blooms or opting for one singular flower for a minimalist look, this little vase makes a great addition to an empty windowsill or nightstand.

Patterned Duvet Cover Set, $49.99

ICYMI: Saturated earthy tones are set to take over in 2018, so try testing out this color trend on your bedding before committing to a more expensive decor item. This rust-colored duvet set will warm up your space and provide a bold pop of color that looks particularly striking against a whitewashed backdrop.

Fitted Cotton Sheet in “Light Pink”, $14.99

Or, if you’re still not over millennial pink, try something more subdued. These pretty pink sheets are simple and a bit more interesting than the standard white cotton option.

Small Stoneware Plant Pot, $17.99

One of the best ways to liven up—literally—any room is by adding greenery, so why not give your new plant friend a stylish home in this pretty stoneware pot?

Waffled Bedspread in “Blue-Gray”, $49.99

In addition to being a bedspread, this waffle weave blanket doubles as a great throw. It’s lightweight enough to work well in the warmer months, and you’ll be grateful for the extra warmth in the winter.

Washed Linen Curtain Panel, $49.99

The easiest way to elevate your space and make it feel a bit more luxe is by swapping out dingy curtains or blinds for something a bit more sophisticated. These linen paneled drapes will instantly make your windows more stylish.

Patterned Cushion Cover, $12.99

Instead of buying entirely new pillows at the turn of each season, go the more budget-friendly route of swapping out cushion covers. This pretty blue and white one is vaguely Grecian-inspired, and is perfect for mixing and matching with other pillows on your bed to achieve a layered look.

Embroidered Duvet Cover Set, $49.99

For those not afraid to go a little dark, deep charcoal bedding adds an instant level of drama. Keep the room simple by mixing in neutral accessories, or use this duvet set as a backdrop for vibrant-colored pillows and throws.

Metal Tray with Mirrored Glass, $29.99

Trays are a gift from above when it comes to smart organizational solutions; particularly for small spaces. Use this mirrored one to hold your go-to beauty products on your dresser or as a catch-all for any books and accessories on your nightstand.

Washed Linen Bathrobe, $49.99

Lounging around your bedroom in street clothes is neither comfortable nor particularly sanitary, so go the extra mile in turning your home into a calming oasis and buy a linen robe. We love this one for the crisp material and on-trend hue.

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