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With warmer weather comes the simultaneous desire to warm up your home decor—bright colors, punchy patterns, and basically anything else that will take your mind off the stark gray winter that seemingly lasted forever. Unless you’re a strict minimalist, you’re going to love H&M Home’s newest summer pieces. Between tropical prints and vibrant-hued fruits emblazoned on everything from bedding to tablecloths, the collection is chock full of saturated items sure to liven up your space.

Looking to escape your cold weather funk? Here are our favorite pieces from the launch, color-coded for every part of the house.



Linen Bedspread, $99

For a more demure pop of color, pick up this linen bedspread. The linen material coupled with the tried-and-true summer combo of blue and white make for a piece that’ll change your bedroom from something that resides in a fourth-floor walk-up to a seaside retreat. Or, at the very least, change your bed.


Beverage Glass, $4.99

Visible air bubbles add interest to the otherwise simple glassware. Whether you’re using the blue to play off other vibrant tones for your summer tablescape, or want it to stand alone as the only pop of color against a crisp white backdrop, these glasses are beautifully crafted and affordable. Wins all around.


Striped Cushion Cover, $12.99

Whether using this to refresh your living room or add a little something to your patio furniture, an easily removable (and easily washable) cushion cover is the way to go. So much more budget-friendly than buying entirely new throw pillows; plus, this way you can mix and match various styles. Start with this striped option and throw in a mix of various shapes and different shades of blue for an eclectic look.



Cotton Storage Basket, $24.99

At this point it’s hardly news that baskets are the ultimate stylish storage solution, but this one’s mustard yellow hue differentiates it from its natural-colored peers. The sturdy handles mean it can easily double as a beach bag if you need it to tote around all your seaside essentials.


Cushion Cover with Tassels, $12.99

Perfect for either your bedroom or your living room, this sunny cushion cover is an easy way to bring in the reigning trendy summer hue. Tassels bring in a bit of old-school sophistication without going full grandma.


Patterned Cotton Tablecloth, $24.99

Take a note from the Italians and try a maximalist tablescape reminiscent of summer on the Amalfi coast. The base? A fruit-patterned multicolor tablecloth that instantly makes the whole setting cheery and inviting.



Small Glass Vase, $9.99

So pale it’s almost clear, this pink shade is a subtle hint of color without detracting from what will inevitably be the focal point: The seasonal blooms you’ve artfully arranged inside the vase.  


Patterned Duvet Cover Set, $29.99

Maximalists, we’ve found your new bedding! Featuring a medley of fruits in warm pinks and oranges, this duvet set is an instant statement in any room.


Matte Plastic Toothbrush Mug, $5.99

Your bathroom needs some TLC, too. And while this matte toothbrush mug may not be the biggest change you can make, it’s great for a quick countertop update. Baby steps.


Beach Towel

, $17.99

Even if the closest you’re getting to lounging on the beach is laying out on your city rooftop (don’t forget the right sunscreen), the tropical print on this towel will help you incorporate a bit of vacation wherever you are.


Matte Plastic Soap Dispenser, $9.99

The dusky green hue is ideal for any decorators who aren’t fully sold on the bold, colorful look but want to steer away from an all-neutral palette. Start incorporating it in small doses, like in a soap dispenser for your bathroom sink or dish soap in the kitchen.

2-Pack Curtain Panels, $24.99

A sophisticated shade of khaki green brings color into your room in a timeless manner than something more of-the-moment, like mint green. Plus, these panels are a super affordable way to dress up bare windows.

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