Published on June 10, 2017

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Photography by MARCUS NILSSON

While we should all be wearing SPF every day of the year—sun damage leads to wrinkles!—extra protection is seriously important in the summer. It can feel like a chore to slather on yet another product, but these nine picks—including lotions, mousses, lip balm, and more—are so great, you’ll want to use them year round.

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Photography by Farmacy

Green Screen, Farmacy Beauty, $36

Not only does this lightweight SPF protect from the sun (chemically free, of course), it also protects from other environmental free radicals. A true editor favorite and must have.

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Photography by Tacha

Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen, Tacha, $65

This gentle and oil-absorbing favorite doubles as the perfect primer under makeup.

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Photography by Supergoop

Super Power Sunscreen Mousse, Supergoop, $19 to $34

A revolutionary mousse application with the most incredible beachy scent.

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Photography by Siseido

Sports BB Broad Spectrum, Shiseido, $38

It’s makeup, it’s sunscreen, it’s convenience in a bottle—with SPF 50+.

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Photography by Glossier

Invisible Shield, Glossier, $34

Perfectly sinks into skin—no more excuses not to use sunscreen now.

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Photography by NYDG

Chem-Free Active Defense, NYDG, $98

A chem-free superstar created by incredible derm superstars. 

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Photography by Paula’s Choice

Resist Smoothing Primer Serum, Paula’s Choice, $30

The fab oil-mattifying primer manages to sneak in some broad-spectrum SPF.

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Photography by MARCUS NILSSON

Sun Cream Cell Protection by Susanne Kaufmann, Net-a-Porter, $97

Impeccably sourced UVA/UVB sunscreen that not only protects against the sun, but also repairs damaged skin cells with an advanced mix of plant compounds, and it’s super moisturizing.

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Photography by MARCUS NILSSON

Protect Lip Balm, Beautycounter, $10

Even your lips need some SPF protection, but this busy fella is also hydrating too with a mix of coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter. Thanks, little guy.

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