Pottery Barn Has a Small Space Brand—Here’s What to Buy

PB Apartment is full of smart storage solutions.

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Since its launch on January 11, Pottery Barn’s tiny home brand PB Apartment has been offering a steady stream of thoughtfully designed solutions to your small space woes. In addition to finding a range of useful new products, apartment dwellers will also be pleasantly surprised by the plethora of non-shopping content. There are styling ideas and helpful tips on implementing your new PB Apartment finds available, as well as customer service reps (the “Design Crew”) ready to offer free in-home or in-store consultations. Lack of square footage just got a lot easier to navigate.

Looking to make your apartment a bit more functional? Read on for some of the latest smart small space finds we love from PB Apartment.


Duncan Drop Leaf Kitchen Table, $499

Whether you have a tiny dining room or no dining room at all, this drop leaf table is a seriously genius find. Not only does it have drawers so you have more space to store your kitchen essentials, but it also folds down to the width of a side table when you’re not using it.


Brooklyn Platform Bed, $699-$799

No bedroom space for bulky dressers? This bed takes care of that, courtesy of the built-in underbed storage that’s going to save your closet when you need to hide bulkier winter clothes to free up space.


Canister Mission Modular System Collection, $7

Because a small space doesn’t mean sacrificing your green thumb. Admittedly you might be limited for size with this modular system, but it’s perfect for growing a mini herb garden or housing some hard-to-kill succulents. Not feeling an indoor garden? Mount it above your desk and use to hold all your office essentials.

Brooklyn Kitchen Cart, $399

DIY a makeshift kitchen island of sorts with a cart on wheels with enough surface (and storage!) space to make a prep station. It’s also prime for entertaining, as you can move it around and use as a bar cart or food station for buffet-style dining.


Marshall Hanging Storage Closet, $399

Whether you actually use this as a closet or as an entryway catch-all, the myriad storage available in this one handy piece makes it a small space essential. The sleek, design is ideal for adding a modern minimalist touch, too.


Lombard Laundry 3 Compartment Container, $41

Organizing your laundry room can feel like quite the arduous task—particularly if your

tiny apartment

doesn’t actually have a laundry room. Whether you’re blessed with in-unit laundry or have to trek down to the basement to use a communal machine, keep all your cleaning essentials neatly organized in this wall-mounted container. You could also mount this in your kitchen to store spices or condiments.


Brooklyn Console, $199

Not all consoles have to be bulky, space-eating behemoths. Some, like this simple wooden piece, take up virtually no room at all and are perfect for keeping in hallways or empty corners to house storage bins and knick knacks alike.

Bag Storage, $23

If you’re the kind of person who always has an overflowing collection of bags laying around, you need this. Reusable grocery bags and tote bags can now be safely kept within arm’s reach, neatly tucked into one holder that latches onto rods to take up minimal space.


Prep Cart Mission Modular System Collection, $149

The perfect tiny kitchen companion, this miracle on wheels is cabinet space, prep space, and even dining space all rolled into (get it?) one. No island? Use the top of this. No pantry? Pick up a couple of storage bins and keep your dry goods here. No bar area or space for a table? Pull up a chair and eat your meals here; maybe not the most practical in the long run, but definitely a good remedy if you live in a studio.

This story was originally published January 11, 2018. It has been updated with new information.

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