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Listen, we’re not all blessed with tons of square footage in our bedrooms but in our opinion, small bedrooms get a bad reputation. You can still have a comfy snooze situation sans a lot of square footage. It may take a few more creative storage solutions or bolder style choices, but a couple of extra tweaks will get you far in creating a bedroom that feels stylish and cozy, not cramped.

And since designers know best, we asked a few of our favorites what small bedroom solutions or design choices they loved most, along with some particularly clever solutions we’ve found. Innovative, creative plays on design are the name of the game in when it comes to small boudoirs, so we’ve provided ample inspo.

Don’t be afraid of wallpaper

In fact, according to designer Sarah Whittenbraker, making a patterned statement in a smaller room can be a strategic way to draw the eye upward. “I particular,  love playing up attic bedrooms with creative uses of wallpaper on the ceiling,” she says.

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Multi-Function is key

New York-based designer Robin Wilson knows a thing or two about having the work with small spaces and says, “I like the great work by Yves Behar called ORI that allows hidden compartments to pop out, and makes small spaces have more utilized space with movable walls.” Basically, it is its own apartment-in-a-box, and it’s pretty incredible.

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You can also install your own modular system that’s both streamlined and functional to house everything from books to the computer. Take it a step further and set the storage unit by the bed to act as a nightstand.


If you’re going to have one big piece, obviously make it the bed

This is your bedroom after all. With space at the premium, let your sleep space take center stage. Chelsae Sahlman literally turned her small space apartment into a bona-fide oasis with a canopy bed that almost took up the whole room, but if you can fit it, why not?

Stephanie Watkins of Casa Watkins Living says, “It definitely is interesting to see large poster beds and canopies being used lately, even in some smaller spaces. I thought these beds would be limited to kids’ rooms but certain metallic canopies are chic.”

Photography by INDULGY

Be creative with wall storage

“I saw someone install a shelf from wall to wall above the headboard and I thought it was genius—the perfect place to put plants, store books, art, etc,” says Shavonda Gardner of SG Style Blog. This sleek solution frees up some much needed floor space, plus it’s an easy way to add some personality to your space by adding art and mementos that will be on display.

Heather Bullard also suggests using as nightstands to save space and the visual impact doesn’t weigh down a small room.


Go bold

Did you know that certain paint colors can actually make a room look bigger? And though most people automatically opt for white, small spaces can take a powerful punch when it comes to color.

Designer Katrina Blair notes, “While I typically favor lighter colors in my own design, I love how dark walls in the room can make the space appear larger since using a dark color on the walls can make them recede. I like to pair the rest of the room— including the bedding— with almost all white so the space looks and feels calm.”

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Keep things organized

Claire Zinnecker has been designing a lot of smaller kids rooms lately on her new show, and says her go-to for organization is built-in or wall mounted art supply stations. Of course, if you’re past the point of needing art supplies in your bed chamber, you can think of these as beauty supply stations or mini office areas.

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Strategize your layout

Layout is everything when you’re working in a smaller space. So keep in ming what works best for your

tiny bedroom

. If you’re living in a studio and your bedroom is even smaller (plus it also serves as your dining room and living room) opt for a glass divider that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Pair it with a delicate curtain to offset the intensity of the hard, glass exterior.

This story was originally published July 26, 2016. It has been updated with new information.

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