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Splashy wall colors, built-in shower nooks, tubs that could rival the most luxe spa…these are the go-to methods for making a statement in a washroom. But while we’re all for grand gestures, there’s something to be said about downsizing. Enter: mosaic bathroom tiles. These mini shapes are just as exciting as their regular-size counterparts—plus you can get creative with the design in ways that might otherwise overwhelm the room. 

Take, for example, an ombré pink and red backsplash. Where a palette this bold might look too retro on a larger scale, it feels perfectly on trend in micro form. And while a grayscale wall runs the risk of a monotonous reputation, when broken into dozens of tiny squares it’s instantly nuanced. These seven spaces make a convincing case for going small.

If You’re Still on the Millennial Pink Train

The room: In this Claybrook Studio–designed nook, Instagram’s favorite color trend gets a geometric revamp. 

The tip to steal: A little material mix-and-match goes a long way; here, a marble slab balances out the micro mosaics, lending both some welcome contrast and a moment of opulence to the corner sink. 

If You’re Not One to Shy Away From Drama

The room: Yves Klein Blue shines in Caroline Z. Hurley’s Brooklyn apartment. She paired the stonework with a sleek brass pendant light and even a plant to create a space that feels totally of the moment. 

The tip to steal: Commit! The royal blue wouldn’t be half as impactful were it relegated simply to the tub backsplash—keep it going around the room for a design that’s made to impress. 

If You Always Bring Home Travel Souvenirs

The room: This Moroccan bathroom features the richly hued tiles of our dreams, which you can replicate with a zellige material in your own personalized assortment of tints. They’ll infuse old-world charm any way you stack them. 

The tip to steal: If you’re going the multicolored route, pick one tone to ground the area—in this case that’s emerald green. It ties the whole collection together. 

If Your Favorite Children’s Book Was The Rainbow Fish

The room: LH Designs certainly didn’t dim the shine with this dark teal vignette, which glitters like a disco ball. Make your mosaic bathroom tiles really sparkle by choosing a finish with some sheen to it. 

The tip to steal: A little luster goes a long way: Restrict the twinkling tilework to an accent wall. 

If You Love a Clean Palette

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

The room: Malene Barnette’s all-white bathroom is a rare moment of quiet in her otherwise ultra-colorful home, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. Thanks to teensy tiling that covers every inch of the floor, wall, and even ceiling, the breezy oasis has a textured touch. 

The tip to steal: By all means, keep the backdrop minimal—just don’t skimp on vibrant hues when it comes to the decor. A citron yellow stool brings life to the pared-back space. 

If You Have the Real Real Bookmarked

The room: 2LG Studio committed to a red and pink scheme in every corner, from the bubblegum pink bathtub to the cherry-colored faucet. 

The tip to steal: When working with a pairing as bold as this, try a fun pattern to dilute it. The ombré layout makes each miniature square look pixelated.  

If You’re After a Soothing Environment

The room: With its cool tones and natural materials, this design by Robson Rak feels positively spa-like. Minimal accessories (minus the plant) really make for the ultimate zen escape. 

The tip to steal: Opt for an elegant finish for your mosaics, like marble, to instantly elevate even the tiniest of powder rooms. If you’re someone who likes to take their time winding down, the investment will be worth it. 

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