Published on August 20, 2020

If good things come in tiny packages, small bathroom tiles are the best thing you can do for your space. Consider the possibilities: Custom mosaic designs, floor-to-ceiling styles that don’t feel overwhelming…there’s so much to try with these micro-squares, and since they come in every material under the sun, there are tons of options for personalization. 

We found six rooms that serve up plenty of inspiration, from a refreshing twist on classic black and white to a lesson in print mixing from none other than Sarah Sherman Samuel. Here’s what we’re earmarking for future renovation projects.

Use Them as a Highlighter

pink bathroom with small green tiles around the sinkPin It
Photography by Heju Studio

Use micro-tiling to create a focal point. Heju Studio chose iridescent emerald squares to coat the entirety of the sink units—which, when contrasted with the pale blush wall color, are a perfect example of giving pink-on-green an unexpected twist. 

The dupe: These shimmering glass ones will give your bathroom the squeeze of lime it needs for an instant refresh. 

Go for a 360-Degree Approach

small white tile grids on wall in bathroomPin It
Photography by Aaron Leitz; Design by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Jessica Helgerson knows how to pack a punch, even with small bathroom tiles. Were it just on a backsplash or accent wall, the white ceramic might look a little too basic, but with it covering everything within eyeshot, it instead gives off a cool grid effect. 

The dupe: Ivory-hued porcelain is built to last—the material is waterproof, so you can do your 12-step skin-care routine and not worry about splashing your new design. 

Elevate a Classic

black and white striped tile wall in bathroom black sinkPin It
Photography by Malcolm Brown; Design by Ashe Leandro

Just when we thought we’d seen every iteration of black and white, Ashe Leandro has a fresh take: Stacking the monochromatic shades vertically, for a Beetlejuice-approved space. 

The dupe: Choose glossy black ceramics to set the scene for your new motif. There’s a slight tone variation in each box, so no two are exactly alike. 

Try an Accent Underfoot

white zellige tile shower nook with strip of red tilesPin It
Photography by Laure Joliet; Design by ETC

Red tile is unique enough, but in the ETC-designed Firehouse Hotel, a crimson floors with a matching wall strip break up the pared-back walls. Pick a similarly bold hue for your own splashy finish. 

The dupe: If you’re not afraid of a little tomato red in your bathroom, these miniature 2-inch handmade tiles are the way to go. 

Map Out an Ombré Pattern

blue tile wall in bathroom with wood fixturesPin It
Photography by Commune Design

The key to making monochrome feel nuanced? Incorporating a couple different tones of the dominant color—in this sleek space from Commune Design, that’s aqua. 

The dupe: Polished cerulean is the ideal base: Choose a deep teal or navy for some tonal contrast. 

Mix and Match Away 

pale lavender bathroom with three different size tilesPin It
Photography by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Pattern play isn’t just for textiles. Don’t limit yourself to one style of tile. In her subtle lavender bathroom, Sarah Sherman Samuel layered in three different shapes and sizes, reserving the tiniest penny rounds for her walk-in shower floor. 

The dupe: Crisp white mosaics are the perfect thing to offset a larger option. Color-match the grout you use for these to the other tiles in the space—it’s a small detail that will tie everything together. 

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