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It’s Time to Ask Your Grout, “Are You Working Hard Enough?”

Get colorful.
design by elii

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Let’s be honest: You probably don’t think about your grout too often, unless you’re doing a deep clean of your bathroom or kitchen. The glue that holds your tiles in place does lend your space some aesthetic benefits, but mostly it’s functional—though it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, opting for colorful grout won’t just make your life easier (after all, pink, blue, and green all have less of a chance of yellowing than a typical white option), but it will also make your tiles look totally reinvigorated. Consider this the tiny, often-overlooked detail that has the power to completely transform your home. Your kitchen and bathroom deserve to be a bit more colorful, no?

Instead of sticking with simple white-on-white subway tiles or even considering pairing a more dramatic patterned tile with the most low-key option, go vibrant. These eight colorful grout ideas provide all the inspiration you could possibly need. Let’s just say this look is more versatile than you’d think.

If you’ve pledged allegiance to pink

design by phoebe says wow

In this Taiwan flat by Phoebe Says Wow, allover white tiles make for a classic bathroom, and pink grout makes it feel totally modern. If you’re feeling a bit more experimental, consider opting for a colorful faucet instead of a matte black option.

If you like describing yourself as “electrifying”

courtesy of room-mate hotels giulia

If you’re a morning shower person, you want your bathroom to look and feel energizing. The bathrooms in Milan’s Giulia Hotel make a compelling argument for green grout. With green ceilings and a contrasting orange-red sink, this bathroom is high-impact. If you want to tone it down a bit, cut the black accents and consider brass fixtures instead.

If you rarely stray from neutrals


No need to shell out for an entire backsplash or floor to have fun with tiles in your space. In haircare brand Prose’s New York office, a countertop area proves that tiling isn’t just for the bathroom or the kitchen. Peach grout is subtle enough that even neutral lovers can get behind it.

If you want your home to feel like a Glossier showroom

design by space craft joinery

Isn’t this pale pink kitchen by Spacecraft Joinery a dream? Here, small square tiles accented with pink grout pair seamlessly with pastel pink cabinets, but the backsplash is versatile too. It would also look great with white or black cabinets, offering a cheeky pop of color.

If you dream in sunset hues

photo by tekla severin

Daniel Heckscher of Note Design Studio proves in his apartment that there’s truly no such thing as too much tile. Here’s the key: While his walls pair blush pink tiles with a deeper red grout, his floors stay relatively traditional with black-and-white herringbone tiles. A peach-hued door ties it all together. If you attempt this look yourself, don’t be afraid to throw in an additional accent color too.

If you like a bit of a boho vibe

photo by justina blakeney

Time and time again, Justina Blakeney convinces us that jewel tones are the way to go. Pretty pink grout gives these teal honeycomb-style tiles an even more refined feel. Be sure to finish off the look with rose-gold or brass shower and sink fixtures to get the full effect.

If you’re planning your next Caribbean vacation

Here’s proof that just because you’ve opted for a colorful grout option doesn’t mean you need to stick to one color family. There’s something about the combination of teal and yellow that feels like an instant vacation. When you’re going all-out with your tile, wooden accents can keep your space feeling down-to-earth, as architecture firm Elii proves here.

If you still can’t get enough terrazzo

design by ted’a arquite

All right, this terrazzo grout by Barcelona-based TEd’A architects might be a bit too advanced for you to DIY at home, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less inspiring. This is the encouragement you need to go out on an underrated design feature. And hey, custom terrazzo is, more often than not, well worth it.

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