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In a recent Instagram post of Jenna Lyons standing in her shower and posing with a telephone, the stylish entrepreneur joked, “A lot of people ask (just kidding, no one fucking asked): What was the design process for your guest bathroom tile?”


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It’s official—we’re asking: What was the design process for your tile, Jenna? Thankfully she reveals the secret to her completely customized look in her caption. Together with the Meyer Davis team, she mapped out each pale blue and olive Villa Lagoon tile into a layout where a pattern didn’t repeat itself or make clumps of one color. That guide came in handy when it was time to lay the tile, a process Lyons carefully oversaw, too. 

And then there’s the floor, which isn’t tiled at all, because, as Lyons puts it, “My least favorite thing on a shower floor is grout—it gets nasty quickly.” So instead she put one big slab of marble on the floor and added a long slim drain hidden at one end of the shower. 

The result is a sexy (again, Lyons’s word) guest bathroom with brass hardware, pale blue grout on the walls, and a glass shower door—obviously for admiring her tile handiwork.