Published on August 31, 2018

After having to live at home with your parents during the formative years of your life—accepting their style choices, eccentricities, and the design that has entrenched your childhood landscape—what happens when the script is flipped and years later, you’re the one who is able to design for your parents? Such was the case with boho-masterminds Justina and Faith Blakeney when they got the chance to overhaul their family’s dated LA condo. Mixing their own aesthetic with their parents’ style and needs, the condo swiftly transformed into an oasis fit for gatherings and soaking up that LA sun.

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Rug: Xavier Ikat Rug by Justina Blakeney, Coffee Table: Aeries Mango Coffee Table  Photography by Justina Blakeney

“It was an organic process,” says Faith, who led the design. “Justina and I, and our parents, have very overlapping styles, we would find things or Justina would propose one of her pieces, and we would all agree. It ended up being this really beautiful, collaborative process that I think speaks well to my parents’ aesthetic and also their functional needs.”

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But while the process was natural for the sisters and their parents, that’s not to say it came without its challenges. The condo was old—it’s been in the family since it was first built in the 1960s—and Faith and Justina wanted to give their parents a fitting space sans having to dig into their retirement fund.

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Photography by Justina Blakeney

“It was kind of an exercise in seeing what we could repurpose from their old stuff, what we can keep as is, what needed to be completely re-done, and what we needed,” says Justina. “We did it all on a budget.”

Ultimately, the main goal was simple: Brighten the place up and bring in some of that signature “new bohemian” style.

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Wall Sconces: The Kyla wall sconces from Hudson Vally Lighting’s Mitzi line  Photography by Justina Blakeney

A quatrefoil pattern teal tile takes center stage in the kitchen, followed closely by the rustic, hammered copper sink. The teal was a must-have for Faith. “From the beginning, my mom was obsessed with teal,” she adds, “it’s one of her favorite colors, so we sprinkled it in throughout the house, and tied it together as part of the overall palette.” The terracotta was a design choice made by Justina and Faith to balance out and add warmth to the cool blue-green tones and to give the home a bit of Spanish-Mediterranean flair.

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Kitchen backsplash:  Paseo from Fireclay tile, in Sea Foam ,   terra-cotta style floor tile:  Porcelain Field Tile from Wayfair , Sink: copper apron sink from Wayfair Photography by Justina Blakeney

“We both love that mid-century aesthetic and wanted to warm things up and give it a kind of Mediterranean feel. So, we brought in that colored tile and gave it a bit of contrast with the terracotta, again bringing in that little bit of Spanish med vibes,” they said.

Steeped in family history and memories of cooking with her great-grandmother, the kitchen ended up being Justina’s favorite part of the home.

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Bench seating:  “Nido” fabric from Justina’s  collection with Inside Out Performance fabrics Photography by Justina Blakeney

Helping conceptualize and bring everything together, many of Justina’s pieces are featured throughout the space as thoughtful accents, again playing up the Spanish-Mediterranean style and tying in the family’s heritage in subtle ways.

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Fringed wall sconce: Indigo Fela Wall Pendant by Justina Blakeney Photography by Justina Blakeney

In a moment of creative genius, Faith overhauled an oversized closet into a creative built-in hideout that’s perfect for the little grandkids to stay in. The rest of the room acts as their father’s office, proving that there are so many ways to effectively maximize space.

Outside, the creative solutions continue with a custom-built bench that doubles extra storage and seating, for their parents who enjoy slumbering under the stars in the gorgeous Los Angeles weather. A bold tile handpicked by their parents can be found underneath.

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Tile: Alberta Ceramic Field Tile 13″ x 13″ in Blue/ Beige from Wayfair. Pillows from Justina Blakeney Photography by Justina Blakeney

“There’s always someone sitting outside,” says Justina. “It’s really a very multifunctional space.”

Layers of texture and teal are seamlessly blended in with the rest of the styles and finishes throughout the interior. From patterned tile to textiles, it’s an incredibly cozy condo with a fresh facelift.

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Tile: 8″ Hexagon in Tidewater Photography by Justina Blakeney

“It’s pretty much the biggest joy in the world to be able to create this space for our family, and fill it with a lot of the things we love ( and a lot of which Justina designed). Our parents couldn’t be happier and prouder to live in that space, “ says Faith.“ I feel like we successfully turned it into the Blakeney Clan Flagship house.”

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