Published on March 14, 2018

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Courtesy of superfront
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Photography by JEREMY LIEBMAN

We’re always in favor of easy fixes that have the ability to completely transform a room, especially if it takes a lot (read: a splurge) to redesign the room in question. One such place is undeniably the bathroom. While the typical approach to redoing a bathroom comes in the form of new tiles, flooring, or even swapping out the vanity, we’re looking for a much more simple change. A low-lift alternative that results in high impact: new faucets. Now, we’re not talking about the ordinary slew of fixtures—instead, we’re looking to the bold and the bright, the unapologetically colorful that will instantly capture the eye. 

Take, for example, the cheery shade of yellow in this NYC bathroom, which not only stands out amidst the sleek and streamlined details of the room, it also manages to steal the spotlight from the beautifully tiled floors. As an even more of an added bonus, it provides a bold dose of color and personality to the otherwise contemporary elements of the bath.

Ahead, we look to the spaces and fixtures that come untraditional in make, to hopefully inspire you to make a little update in your own bathroom. Take a look. 

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Photography by REID ROLLS

One emerging trend we’ve come to notice is the implementation of fixtures that belong to a primary palette. This Brooklyn-based powder room is only proof. Aside from being an easy way to add a bright dose of color to a tiny space, it creates a sense of depth and dimension to its otherwise neutral surroundings. 

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Courtesy of superfront

You may have heard of the Swedish brand Superfront, purveyor of ultra sleek and stylish additions to an extensive slew of Ikea pieces—but, what you may not know is that they also offer more than just knobs and cabinet fronts. Standing in as a complement to their beautifully detailed line of supplementary materials is a curated collection of equally stunning fixtures. This copper-finish faucet (plus, a matching basin) being one prime example. Paired against the deep emerald vanity and a concrete backdrop, the look is pure perfection. 

Buy: Tap Bath EVO-078, Tapwell

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Courtesy of vola

Make a statement with this boldly unapologetic addition, which will transform even the snooziest of bathrooms. A vibrant red will pair well with a wide array of decorative styles but don’t fret, if the color is a little too much for you Vola offers plenty of other alternatives. 

BuyHV1+30, Vola

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Photography by domadeco

Yellow is undoubtedly one of the standout colors of the year and why wait to get in on the trend? A far cry from the standard chrome or nickel faucets, this lively alternative is all about imparting your bath with a major dose of personality. 

BuyDE-Milin Mixer, Domadeco, $127

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Photography by ikea

For as much as we’d love to pair our vanities with a vibrantly colorful or primary-charged faucet, we realize that it may be difficult to coordinate with the rest of the existing design. Enter this mod number from Ikea (is there anything they don’t do?) that beautifully encapsulates the retailer’s coveted approach to Scandinavian design. As if you needed any more convincing, it also helps lower water energy, which means, lower bills. 

BuyBosjon Faucet, Ikea, $169

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Photography by JULIN CHU
We’re swooning over the dreamy shade of blue of this contemporary fixture. Comprised of a ceramic finish, it’s all about the subtleties with this one. We can see it standing amidst a sleek marble backdrop or paired with a wallpaper of a boldly contrasting shade—think: yellows, oranges, or even a soft blush. 


Buy: Basin Water Mixer Taps, Julin Chu Store
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Courtesy of savil

Talk about an artful detail. From Italian brand Savil, comes a line of bathroom taps and mixers clad in a vibrant array of patterned finishes. This particular one, dubbed “Sublimation” boasts an extensive slew of hues that are right in line with the current trend of maximalism.

Buy: V-Tondo, Savil

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