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So you’ve saved up for months—even years—with the plan to totally gut-renovate that outdated bathroom. With all the research you’ve done, notes you’ve taken at stores, and Pinterest boards you’ve filled, you likely have a general idea how much the remodel might cost. But your estimate might not be quite right. In fact, according to a new survey from Discover, a staggering 64 percent of people think their home renovation project will cost under $15k, while the average is quite a bit above that number.

Remodeling.net estimates bathroom remodeling costs to be between $19,000 and $61,000 (if you’re really going all-out with high-end tile and maybe even springing to install that jacuzzi you’ve been dreaming of). That means that even if your bathroom doesn’t totally break your budget, you can still end up having to fork over more than you anticipated for necessary updates (hello, plumbing) and more choice-driven changes (that splurge-worthy beautiful sink).

The lesson here: It never hurts to save up more money before a major home renovation. A bathroom remodel can increase the value of your home, but you can easily cut costs with some smart design decisions—after all, it doesn’t have to cost anywhere near $15k to give your bathroom a refresh if you’re selective about the things you replace and the projects you take on. Why not give your DIY skills a go by replacing your floor yourself or trusting a company that can handle the complete remodel at an all-inclusive, no-hidden-fees price?

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