A “Bathroom in a Box” Service Officially Exists—Here’s Why You Need It

For pain-free renovations.

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Nailing down your style inspo may be the fun part of any renovation, but it’s also the most miniscule—the real work (and stress) comes when it’s time to vet contractors, negotiate a timeline, and stick to a budget. That’s where new company Block comes in: Block offers architect-level design in an all-inclusive bathroom renovation package, thereby making the process entirely transparent and easy to navigate.

Block is the brainchild of Casper co-founder Luke Sherwin and Rent the Runway CCO Koda Wang, and it follows a similarly millennial-friendly, one-box delivery business model. “Renovation today is a giant chasm of uncertainty—you commit to thousands of dollars and don’t know the final price, timeline, or quality beforehand,” explains Wang. “It’s bewildering, frankly. We wanted to make the kind of design you see in magazines accessible to more people.”

Here’s how it works: Customers browse available packages (choose from the “contemporary bathroom,” the “classic bathroom,” or a custom package), fill out a Q&A to get a free estimate, get a consultation and video site visit to learn more, and then get started on the reno. The all-inclusive gut renovation price is $15,000, and Block uses carefully vetted architect partners (as well as an internal design and construction management team) to ensure top-notch quality. No delays, and no unexpected budget mishaps—everything is user-friendly and straight-forward.

“Bathrooms are one of the most popular renovations,” says Sherwin, adding that they plan to branch out to other renovation areas like kitchens and flooring down the line. “They’re also contained and relatively standardized, which means we can create flexible design systems and use technology to improve the renovation process.”

As of right now, Block is only available in the greater New York area as well as northern New Jersey, but stay tuned for when the game-changing service is available in your region. For now, keep reading to get Sherwin and Wang’s tips on all things bathroom renovation.

Keep practicality top of mind

“In New York, where spaces are small and the average apartment often has only one highly utilized bathroom, we recommend using floating wall mounted vanity cabinets and built-in niches in the wall for both a clean, decluttered look as well as the necessary functional storage. Also consider subtle choices to make your bathroom easy to clean, [such as] larger-format tile, antimicrobial grout and sealant, and brushed-nickel metal finishes to reduce fingerprints.”

Communication is key to reduce stress

Align on a clear scope of work beforehand so there are no surprises and check the protection standards of your contractor to make sure your home and building don’t get unexpected damage. Also, make sure all your materials arrive in advance of construction—the vast majority of delays are from waiting for a specific fixture.”

So is occasionally removing yourself from the situation

Book a holiday during demolition; it’s the heaviest and loudest part of the project.”

Can’t afford a full reno? Think small

“You can get a long way by cleaning your grout and then turning your focus to painting, replacing your vanity and sink, and new lighting. If you DIY it, you can get it done very affordably.”

Look to the professionals for design inspo

“We look at hospitality as a place where bathrooms are built unconstrained by many of the storage needs or reduced cleaning schedules of busy New Yorkers. Many higher-end hotels successfully balance spa-like bathrooms with tight floor plans while mixing contemporary technology with classic silhouettes.”

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