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There are perks to living in a rental—accessible maintenance and moving flexibility, for example—but stylish flooring is not one of them. The reality looks more like grimy grout and cookie-cutter tiling. Sure, you can use paint to breathe new life into the space, but to complete the transformation, pair your new color with bathroom floor tile stickers. Yes, we said stickers; hear us out. 

If you live in a temporary apartment, peel-and-stick panels are the way to go. Blogger Sara Toufali picked emerald green squares for her backsplash; Alexandra Gater chose bubblegum pink for her kitchen. While it’s more common to see these decals on a wall, they work wonders underfoot, too: Many styles are waterproof and scratch-resistant, to stand up to wear and tear for the entire duration of your lease. These five options caught our eye.

If You Crave Sleek Elegance

The room: Emily Henderson’s guest bath is a high-contrast, edgy dream—she even nicknamed it “the sexy bathroom.” Matte-black reclaimed wood walls perfectly balance out the marble stone.

The dupe: This vinyl option doesn’t need any grout: Simply press it over a smooth surface to install. It has a six-year wear-through warranty, so it’s built to last, and the only maintenance it requires is an occasional sweep.  

If You’re Tired of the All-White Look

The room: An emerald hue coats every square inch of this luxurious shower, from the hex floor to the herringbone walls to the geometric ceiling. Laurel Gallucci was inspired by Old Hollywood and Art Deco when picking her palette, and the jewel tone makes the simple stall pop. 

The dupe: Peacock green looks just as impressive in sticker form. Although they won’t hold up in the shower itself, the surrounding area is fair game. Each shape is laminated with a weatherproof, anti-scratch, and anti-fade film to resist steam and splashes. 

If You Prefer Simplicity

The room: Pineapple wallpaper aside, this powder room is all about the classics, pairing black hexagon floors with timeless subway tiles

The dupe: For the best of both worlds, we love this set of black-and-white adhesive panels. One caveat: They’re permanent, so be sure to get your landlord’s permission before changing anything—but if you’re ready for a refresh and aren’t able to do a sledgehammer renovation, this is a great option. 

If You Want a Galactic Edge

The room: No part of this Cameron Ruppert–designed home is color-shy, but the children’s bathroom is especially vibrant: Starry blue tiles coexist with tomato red sconces and a map-inspired curtain. 

The dupe: Inspired by the riads of Morocco, these graphic decals certainly pack a punch. They’re easy to clean (just use a mild detergent). 

If You’re Going for Retro Flair

The room: A hypnotizing blue pattern adorns the floors of this Emily Henderson–designed room, which she chose for the graphic element it brings to the white space. If you look closely, you’ll notice a similar print all over the shower and tub—a subtle way to make every inch count. 

The dupe: Get the same look in black and white with this vinyl version. The set of 20 is ideal for a smaller space; you don’t need much to make a statement. 

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