We’re Taking a Shine to These Glass Tile Bathrooms

Starting with a Rainbow Fish backsplash.

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First came the candy-like confections of handblown glassware. Then the stained-glass renaissance. Why not let your walls in on the fun? Whether it’s through a shower nook or iridescent backsplash, glass tile bathrooms are the best place to start—and a little goes a long way.

“Depending on how it’s made and finished, this type of tile can add a jewel-like sparkle and depth,” says Nemo Tile + Stone design director Katie Michael-Battaglia. As far as upkeep goes, it’s a low-maintenance option: Simply spritz on your go-to window cleaner to keep the glaze glossy. Plus the material is inherently water-resistant, making it perfect for any wall that’s prone to getting splashed. The only question? What color you’re going to pick—that’s where these six rooms come in.

If You’re All About Earthy Tones

The space: Inspired by the surrounding Montana fall foliage, The Nooq’s mustard-hued shower packs a punch in the otherwise all-white room. We love the modern edge the matte black accents add to the graphic design, balancing out the softer shade. 

The tile: Satiny subway tiles can be arranged in a ton of different ways to create your own bespoke layout. Stack them vertically for a cool grid-like look. 

If the Beach Is Your Happy Place

mint green tiled shower nook
Photography by Nick Glimenakis; Design by Crystal Sinclair

The space: Channel those seaside vibes with a seafoam glass tile bathroom like this one by designer Crystal Sinclair. A recessed niche expertly blends into the rest of the stall for a 3-D effect. 

The tile: The green is painted on the back of each square, so it won’t scratch or chip off with time.

If Your Spotify Is Always Blasting a ’70s Playlist

iridescent tile backsplash chinoiserie wallpaper behind sink
Courtesy of Oceanside Glass & Tile

The space: Bring disco to your backsplash, as seen with this shimmering display by Oceanside Glass & Tile. If you’re of the more-is-more mentality, go with a chinoiserie wallpaper to tie in some of the same rich colors.  

The tile: An iridescent glimmer is only one benefit of these sparkly squares—they’re also manufactured from recycled bottles. 

If You Could Never Get Behind a Minimalist Wardrobe

red glass subway tile shower in white bathroom
Photography and Design by Chase Daniel

The space: There’s nothing demure about in-your-face crimson tiling, but in this Austin home, the bold hue looks refined. Chalk it up to an expert blend of neutral tones and clean lines in the surrounding fixtures.  

The tile: This floor-to-ceiling design can withstand the extra exposure: The tiles are heat- and frost-resistant.  

If Pattern Play Is Your Specialty

seafoam green subway tile shower
Courtesy of Three Birds Renovations

The space: On Three Birds Renovations’s shower wall, mint green subway tile arranged in a herringbone layout is paired with matching flooring—albeit in miniature black rectangles. Try it out with your favorite silhouette, whether it’s hexagons or squares.   

The tile: A nod to the many shades of the ocean, this lush option works with any hue.

If You Can’t Pick a Favorite Color

blue ombre tile bathroom with recessed wall nook for shampoo
Courtesy of Oceanside Glass & Tile

The space: This room by Oceanside Glass & Tile proves you don’t have to—just use a tonal palette. The allover look isn’t for everyone, but if you have a thing for splashy statements, you can’t go wrong with ombré. 

The tile: A mosaic blend like this aqua version will do the heavy lifting for you, turning any bathroom into one giant kaleidoscope. 

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