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We’ve seen our fair share of bathroom trends this year—oval mirrors and the comeback of this retro tile, to name a few. While the array of said trends has been relatively eclectic, somehow, each one of them can be seamlessly integrated with the other.

As of late, we’ve noticed the resurgence of one particular look, led by a chromatic detail, which promises a departure from the standard all-white spaces we’re used to seeing: pink bathrooms. They’ve popped up in the newest eateries and filtered their way onto our Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds alike, making a case for a comeback. Bold tiling, intricate wallpaper, and clever uses of paint are just a handful of the ways we’ve seen the hue used in a bath. 

Now, embracing the trend doesn’t mean painting your bathroom with an overly saturated version of the color. With individuality and the preservation of your aesthetic top of mind, we set out to find the spaces that take on the trend with a unique spin.

Read on for the inspired ideas that just might convince you to adopt the pink bathroom trend.

If you’re keen on taking the whole monochrome route, bring in an eye-catching detail to prevent the space from feeling one-dimensional. In this dreamy walk-in bath, large hexagon tiles stand in as the undeniable focal point.

Skip tiles and paint and infuse the hue by way of decorative accessories instead. In an otherwise neutral space, statement pieces bearing the saturated color can be just as impactful as paint.

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

Add a touch of whimsy by filling your bathroom with an eclectic slew of decorative objects and vintage treasures. Not only will this distract the eye from the color of the walls, but it will also provide the design with a dynamic burst of character. Bonus points if the space is clad with an intricately patterned wallpaper.  

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

Layer up with color and go all-out. The wildly detailed floral wallpaper in this unapologetically bold bath bridges the gap between the deep red ceiling and the bubblegum pink tiling with a touch of effortless cool. In turn, the reserved palette keeps the space from feeling overwhelming.

Photography by Yaroslav Priadka

Elevate the standard two-tone scheme with a visually textured layer—the trendy terrazzo comes to mind. In lieu of a plain square tile, opt for a backsplash featuring the speckled material for a fresh finish. Complete the look with structurally streamlined fixtures and high-contrast accents.

Photography by Biasol Design

Transform your bath into a blush-fueled escape and take a pared-down approach to the decor. Think brass fixtures for a lustrous layer, a sleek mirror in lieu of a medicine cabinet, and a structural sink that feels more artful than utilitarian.