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Have you ever wandered into a retirement home, looked at the curtains, and thought, “That. I must have that”? No? We think you might feel differently soon because, given the prevalence of pattern-heavy wallpaper, worn-looking furniture, and kitschy decor across social media as of late, decorating like your grandma may just be the most stylish move you can make.

Not that we’re bidding adieu to cool acrylic chairs or sleek minimalist furniture anytime soon—but for those whose personal style errs on the side of eclectic and comfortable, rather than cool and contemporary, your time has come. With the surging popularity of retro styles comes an increased availability of like products on the market, so it’s time to indulge your inner geriatric and get decorating.

Need help on how to make grandma-chic look cool? Keep reading for our favorite interiors nailing this fun trend.

Alright, admittedly the nudes on the wall may not be something you find adorning the rooms of your grandparents’ house, but matching your fabric headboard to the wallpaper? Total grandma move—and we’re definitely here for it.


Retro furniture coupled with an equally loud wallpaper idea makes for quite the statement. Our favorite part about this diner (whose fundamental design elements can easily be translated to residential decor) is the contrasting color with the punchy blue and yellow.


Few things feel more luxe than chilling out in a large, standalone bathtub; and if you love your relaxing bath ritual more than you love your firstborn, it’s worth investing in a good one. The antique details on this gorgeous seafoam green tub make it feel more unique than something sleek and mod—especially set against a cool wallpaper print for some color contrast.


We’ve already made our love for mismatched dining chairs abundantly clear, but take the eclectic vibes into the rest of the house by making your living room full of mismatched finds too. Scour a local antique store or flea market for some cool pieces that make even more of a statement juxtaposed against each other than they would against a plain minimalist backdrop.


If you’re not a fan of sleek ceramic dinnerware—or, more likely, its price point—go vintage. While china dinnerware can run expensive as well, it’s typically only a few bucks at a thrift shop. Be sure to display your collection for tableware that can double as decor, in either a cabinet or open shelves.


Pay no attention to the actual grandma on the nightstand: The focus here is the dramatic graphic wallpaper. Florals, in general, are one print enjoying perennial popularity, and while some patterns look a little too overwhelming to be chic, this print by Galbraith & Paul feels more accessible.


Eclectic maximalism set against the bones of a Victorian home is a recipe for a charming space. This two-tone vignette is definitive proof that bold, over-the-top style doesn’t have to look tacky.


A preponderance of random knick-knacks and sentimental tchotchkes is something that instantly reminds us of grandma (or, you know, a hoarder) but as exhibited by this airy bedroom there is a way to make them work. Keep your odd tidbits grouped together in similar colorways, and offset them with simple, neutral hues for a balance that feels fresh.  


Listen, cool mid-century modern and sleek industrial chairs are all well and good… but there’s something about a frilly, worn-in armchair that you can just tell is going to be uber comfortable that feels relaxing. Whimsical prints and a cheery bubblegum pink color all combine for the ideal reading nook in which we’d like to spend all our weekends.

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