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As much as we love a good ol’ fiddle leaf fig tree, we wouldn’t mind letting another green (or any type of floral, for that matter) take a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. The notoriously hard-to-care-for plant is temperamental, dramatic, and quite frankly, not the friendliest green for those living in small spaces.

And while we’ve certainly forecasted a slew of other plants that can take its place as *the* trendiest green of 2018, there is a new power-player in town, steadily working its way up the ranks. You’ve undoubtedly seen it while scrolling through Pinterest or even heard of it in passing—albiet, perhaps you’ve had some trouble placing a visual to the name: Pampas grass. The towering plant is often displayed in bulk and cultivated in an array of inspired hues one can only find in nature. Ahead, a deep-dive at the green that’s taking the design world by storm, and all the ways we’ll be embracing it in our own homes.


Take to New Heights

Talk about a show-stopper. It’s time to elevate the standard centerpiece and we’re not just talking about those that are reserved for the actual table itself. Keep your tabletop clean—allowing your colorful slew of dinnerware and equally alluring menu to shine—and use

the space above

for the centerpiece instead. Now, you may have to get a little crafty but hey, nothing this good every comes easy.

Frame It

Take your selfie game to the next level by framing your mirror with the conveniently leafy pampas grass. An abundant display, much like this one, is obviously optional but also highly recommended.

Skip the Headboard

There are bedside arrangements and then there are bedside arrangements. Even if your aesthetic runs on the less-is-more side of things we’d argue that pampas might just be the green of choice—if you find yourself inclined to outfit your space with a natural element or two. Ditch the headboard and let these wispy strands do all the talking, because, nothing says sweet dreams quite like this abundant display.

Stand-Alone Centerpiece

Versatility is at the core of the pampas grass, thus earmarking it as an essential for just about any aesthetic. Its unassuming air of bohemian flair contributes to the effortlessly cool style it has garnered, designating it as the ideal element for a casual tabletop arrangement. Take yours to the next level by pairing the grass with a posy of short-stemmed florals to establish a dynamic base. Flowers that belong to a warmer, saturated palette are ideal.

Mix and Match

If decorating with the bunch itself is not quite your vibe, integrate it within an arrangement comprised of a similar slew of plants and florals. Designer Aurora James did just that, sprinkling in a handful of strands of the pampas grass within this oversized planter, thus imparting the finished product with a balanced pop of color and texture.

Create an Artful Display

Pair a bunch with a vase that boasts a starkly contrasting finish—this textured piece is one fine example—to emulate a sculptural detail that will impart your home with an artistic element. Set it atop the entry console for a truly bold first impression.

Dress Up a Nook

Ideal for the minimalist space that is, more often than not, void of the superfluous, pampas grass is essential when it comes to imparting the whitewashed scheme with a burst of texture. It’s best in bounty yet bold enough to stand alone as a single strand in a modest vase.

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