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When it comes to choosing the florals for your big day, seasonality has a major impact on the direction you may choose to go in. While an abundant array of peonies and roses—or whichever type of flower you may come across—sounds entirely dreamy, it can be both costly and an adherence to the chosen palette of the wedding itself. Sans having to pigeon-hole yourself to a flower scheme that is forced to comply with a pink or white scheme, adopt an untraditional approach that will allow you more decorative free-reign.

That’s where this trending plant comes in. Neutral, free-flowing, and stylistically ambiguous, it has the ability to fit in within a dynamic array of styles, from the ultra-contemporary to the boho-chic. If you have yet to hear of it, allow us to introduce you to pampas grass. The towering grass, often featured abundantly in form, is way more versatile than one may think. Need proof? We compiled a shortlist of a few of our favorite ideas and they are sure to inspire.

Full disclosure: for those who suffer from allergies, proceed with caution. 

Dress Up a Bouquet

Paired with an equally dynamic and bold variety of florals, pampas grass also makes for quite an interesting addition to the traditional bridal bouquet. Blush-toned roses and structured greens help give the arrangement further shape, while the fierce protea, arguably steals the show.

Fake an Alter

No alter? No problem. Use this versatile plant to carve out the framework of one, taking cues from this stunning, beachfront locale. Thanks to the abundant qualities of the grass, it will help establish a statement-worthy backdrop.

Make a Flower Wall

Create a dynamic backdrop for the reception and utilize the pampas grass as a volumizing filler for a floral wall—which, let’s be real, will inevitably double as a backdrop for the evening’s photos.

Elevate the Decor

Pampas grass makes for quite the ideal decorative floral and a fairly versatile one at that. Given its forgiving structure, neutral tonal properties, and free-flowing nature, it has the ability to seamlessly blend in with the existing decor and yet stand-out with a subtly dynamic detail as well.

Create a Focal Point

We definitely wouldn’t mind swapping vows standing against this breathtaking floral situation. And since a standard green display can be wildly expected, why not add a defining element that will help take things to the next level?

Top the Cake

Standard florals have had their moment and we’re all for a much-needed refresh, particularly one that comes with an element of height. That’s where the pampas grass comes in, inviting a bold and unexpected layer atop even the most extravagant of confections.

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