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23 Fresh Floral Ideas for the Ultimate Summer Wedding Tablescape

Farm-to-table flowers are having a moment.

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Any great summer wedding tablescape should showcase two things: elegant (and festive!) decor, and a variety of seasonal florals. From towering centerpieces to antique flatware, there are endless ways to add personality to a celebratory summer tabletop and incorporate farm-to-table florals in a fresh way. To perfect the look, we asked the wedding industry’s top experts for advice on curating a tablescape worthy of an elegant celebration.

Spotlight garden florals

“Loose, garden-inspired florals are my favorite addition to any wedding table. The character and the textures create so much interest and bring in all the aspects of the garden without having to get your hands dirty.”
– Sarah Kate, Owner, Sarah Kate Photography

Integrate menu courses with decor

“Use food as part of your centerpiece. As much as we love gorgeous seasonal flowers, think about what the food will look like to finish off the ultimate summer table. Plan out your menu accordingly to create a look that’s as visually appealing as it is delicious.”
– Virginia Edelson, Owner/Founder, Bluebird Productions

Encourage elevated place settings

“Focus on the individual place settings to bring the experience beyond the overall tablescape and right to your guest’s seat.  Simple napkin treatments of a sprig of olive or a fig and leaf bring an element of detail to the setting. Print menus right on the napkin to carry out the organic feel throughout the setting.”
– Jill Remy, Owner, Jill & Co. Events

Feature fanciful citrus

“When it is summer, we love to incorporate fruits into our designs, along with local garden flowers and herbs. We used this concept with fresh citrus to create a French market feel—as if you were celebrating your event in a European bazaar. Your guests will be so intrigued they’ll want to visit each table to what surprise it may hold.”
– Sherry Spencer, Partner, Southern Blooms

Venture outdoors

“Whether it’s under a dreamy sailcloth tent, staged on the beach, or nestled under a covering of leafy trees, finding a natural backdrop will only enhance that enchanting summery feeling. For this event, it was a dreamy wisteria canopy that set the tone for the lush and romantic setting, enhanced with chic sapphire candlesticks, fresh blueberries in footed crystal bowls, and traditional wooden garden chairs. Finding the perfect backdrop can mean so much in creating a seasonal ambiance.”
– Aleah and Nick Valley, Founders, Valley & Company Events

Go for green

“Laying fresh greenery on a long table adds organic texture to your tablescape without the cost of a true garland. It allows you to serve a family style meal right on top. Remember to intersperse your candles and any loose blooms to leave room for platters.”
– Kate Whelan, Owner and Lead Consultant, Kate Whelan Events

Take advantage of bold hues

“Let the seasonal summer blooms guide your color palette. Every florist will tell you to try to choose flowers that are in-season to guarantee fresh florals at an affordable price. What better time to go with an over-the-top, colorful tablescape than during the bright and colorful summer season?”
– Demi Meeker, Senior Sales Manager, Cannon Green

Utilize your venue

“The blooms used for this alfresco affair came directly from the property for a truly farm-to-table floral experience. Doubling as a flower farm and winery, all of the wine, food, and flowers, came from the site itself.”
– Kelly McLeskey-Dolata, Owner and Creative Director, A Savvy Event

Embrace effortlessness

“I think the best way to accomplish ease is to make sure the natural foliage of each flower is preserved on the stem, and the stems are used that way. Often flowers are stripped of their natural greenery, and the arranged with other more ‘manicured’ foliage. For this tablescape, you can see each an arrangement that features florals with their foliage intact for that natural, gathered look.”
– Marina Birch, Owner and Principal Designer, Birch Design Studio

Add a touch of whimsy

“Bigger isn’t always better. Consider using a collection of small vases or vintage glass bottles to make an eclectic arrangement with a quirky feel.”
– Mary Stevens, Floral Designer, Fearrington Village

Don’t forget to look up

“Often when planning a dinner, we forget that our guests will look at more than the table, they will take in the entire space. In creating a summer tablescape, it’s important to help your space feel open and fresh. One way to do this is by simply adorning the chandeliers or light fixtures with a touch of greenery. Not much is needed, as too many flowers and greens will make it feel heavy and formal, but just a simple eucalyptus treatment can help draw your guests eyes up and help the entire space feel like a midsummer night’s dream.”
– Anna Le Pley Taylor, Owner, Anna Le Pley Taylor

Dare to go minimal

“Simple arrangements often evoke a modern feel and bring more attention to each individual bloom. I love the look of this textural farm table accented with unique, colorful blossoms running down the center. The minimal approach really shined in the photographs.”
– Charlotte Jenks Lewis, Owner, Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography

Vary your vessels

“We love using different containers for our clients’ centerpieces. The vessel is the starting point for your florals, so it is important to work with a vase, or container, that can be seamlessly incorporated into the overall table design. For this wedding, we decided on a muted palette of ivory, blush, pale blue and grey, so whitewashed grey stone urns served as their compotes.”
– Yumiko Fletcher, Owner and Creative Director, Hana Floral Design

Set the mood

“Nothing makes a tablescape more inviting than candlelight. We like to build up the tables with texture as well as incorporate plenty of soft lighting. The use of tapered candles can add to the elegance of your aesthetic while integrating an element of height into your design scheme.”
Eatherley Schultz, Owner, Floressence Flowers

Play with height

“Having tree branches placed higher in the center of the tables—over lower groups of alike florals—created the feeling of being within a garden, a look that was really incredible to capture.”
– Melani Lust, Owner, Melani Lust Photography

Abandon tradition

“Instead of a fabric runner, use natural elements such as lemon leaves, or wheat grass to create a foundation for your centerpiece.”
– Maria Zois, Event Coordinator, Ariston Flowers

Assemble generously

“One way to ensure your pick of farm-to-table florals is the focal point for your tablescape is to group a multitude of arrangements down the middle of your table. When executed appropriately for your table’s overall size, a display of bundled florals—either all one color or all one flower type—can make for a showstopping display.”
– Keely Thorne, Owner, Keely Thorne Events

Revisit your theme

“The florals embellished a skull that served as a centerpiece for the table, and really brought an unexpected element to the final photos, an eclectic feature that really tied in the overall theme of the event.”
– Brittany Waddell, Founder, BrittRene Photography

Buy local

“Sometimes the most striking assortment of florals can be found right in your neighborhood. Affordable florals found at your local grocer are elevated when grouped in monochromatic and monobotanical arrangements. Try sticking to one floral type and tone to create a saturated and sophisticated summer tabletop.”
– Collin Hardy Duwe, Event Producer, Kehoe Designs

Consider monochromatic

“Keeping a simple color palette of all white or another color—intermingled with touches of greenery—allows for the novice floral designer to hit the farmers market or pick from your own backyard. Choosing a bundle of monochromatic florals keeps an arrangement simple and eliminates the worry of accidental color clashes. Bunches of floral with added greenery goes a long way.”
– Jennifer Zukovsky, Co-Owner, Fionna Floral

Loft your florals

“Creating a towering arrangement using crystal vases is a sophisticated way to elevate any farm-to-table floral arrangement. Adding height to your design will not only create a more visually diverse table display but set the tone for a luxurious affair.”
– Brooke Osborn, Wedding Director, The Hidden Garden

Think monobotanical

“Use crisp white blooms in a monochromatic and monobotanical way, grouping them only with each other in delicate containers. For this festive tablescape, we kept it lean and green, using an emerald color scheme and preppy cabana striped napkins.”
– Calder Clark, Owner and Creative Director, Calder Clark

Pot your plants

“One of our favorite and most iconic styles of design is incorporating miniature Myrtle topiaries—in varying heights—into our table display. Among the topiaries, we intersperse petite bouquets of crisp white & chartreuse florals. We love the juxtaposition of potting plants in crystal vessels because it’s unexpected and elevates the entire place setting.”
– Meredith Waga Perez, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Belle Fleur 

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