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“Alternative” has been a major reoccurring theme in weddings in recent years. From cakes and centerpieces to dresses and venues, it seems as if brides are turning to the non-traditional when it comes to planning their big day. One such trend comes in the form of hoop bouquets. The concept is simple and nothing wildly revolutionary, following suit of a traditional wreath. And yet, brides are embracing the idea as an alternative to the standard bouquet. We scoured the web for handful of takes on the trend, to see what it’s all about. See for yourself.

This bamboo-based version manages to incorporate a vibrant bunch of exotic florals in a complementary slew of lively colors.


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Here’s to going green with unbound creativity. Take the more is more route and opt for an arrangement that wraps around the circumference of the hoop. This green bunch from Blooms & Bouquets incorporates a texturally dynamic mix of fresh winter greens with subtle floral accents. 
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A boho chic aesthetic meets the rustic in this elegantly simple take on the trend. A vintage brass hoop makes for the ideal base for the combo of wispy wildflowers, lush roses, and eucalyptus green.  
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Roses, tulips, and orange-hued ranunculi star as the focal elements of this relatively modest arrangement that’s taken on an untraditional form. Wispy greens elevate the bunch. 
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A rustic wedding calls for an equally thematic and complementary floral display. We love the idea of ringing these hoop bouquets on the bridal party’s seats, or recreating smaller versions for the bridesmaids to hold.

Wylie West Creative‘s hanging display of floral hoops lend a fresh perspective to this wedding trend. Recreate the look by arranging an eclectic cluster over the dinner table.

A winter wreath doubles as a bridal bouquet, lending a floral element to the otherwise starkness of the season. Eucalyptus and blush-toned roses make for the ideal pair in this bunch.

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