7 Designers Weigh in on the Best Tile for Bathroom Floors

Terrazzo is sticking around.

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Backsplashes tend to steal all the attention, but ignoring what goes under your feet does your design a disservice. All it takes is some inspiration to find the best tile for your bathroom floor, and to help kick-start your search we called in the experts. After all, it’s a whole extra surface to play with—why stick with plain old white? 

Aside from one minor material matter (avoid ceramic and glass, which aren’t as water-resistant as other types), there’s no limit to the style you can choose. Turn a powder room into a focal point with splashy prints, or go for an unexpected finish to spice up a neutral palette. Here’s how seven designers are getting creative beyond the walls.

The Timeless Terracotta

Recommended by: Sally Breer

Why she loves it: You might know this material from its starring role in kitchens, but don’t underestimate its value in a bathroom. “It adds mega-texture and movement to what’s usually a glossy, sterile room,” explains Breer. Plus the rougher finish makes it less slippery than a porcelain or ceramic option—a bonus if you have kids and bath time always ends with puddles on the floor. 

The Graphic Green

Recommended by: Dabito 

Why he loves it: Turn a smaller space like this into a jewel box with a bold touch. Dabito loves Saba Tile’s colorful cement shapes, which are as functional as they are stylish: “They’re poly-coated, so they never stain, and they’re way easier to install and maintain versus traditional cement ones,” he says. 

The Handmade Zellige

Recommended by: Austin Carrier and Alex Mutter-Rottmayer

Why they love it: “It’s incredibly durable, especially for floors—just think, Moroccans have been using it for centuries, and it still looks stunning and current,” note Carrier and Mutter-Rottmayer. Choose this type for the color variation. Each shimmering square features a slightly different tone, so your room will instantly look more interesting. The designers love the subtle turquoise hue for creating a serene, spa-like retreat

The Luxe Marble

Recommended by: Catherine and Bryan Williamson

Why they love it: This elevated material will never go out of style, making it ideal for a one-and-done renovation. It’s also surprisingly easy to customize: “We usually go with white grout, but the coloring in this particular version allows darker grout to blend in with the gray in the tile (which also helps with maintenance, since you won’t have to scrub each crevice to clean),” explain the designers.  

The Prismatic Speckles  

neutral bathroom with terrazzo floors
Photography by Karyn Millet

Recommended by: Raili Clasen

Why she loves it:Terrazzo tiles have been around forever, but now you can specify exactly which colors you want in the mix, and these tiles are so indestructible,” explains Clasen. She likes to pepper them into a neutral bathroom, which adds a splash of personality. Business on the walls, party on the floor. 

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