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Your daily shower or soak is a great time to pull yourself away from the screen, take some calming breaths, and re-center yourself—and a few simple design tweaks can make it feel even more serene.

You might not be able to pull off a major bathroom reno right now (unless you’re simply enlisting the help of a can of paint), but you can replace the worn-out essentials you already have and add in some more elevated accessories to transform your space into a makeshift spa. No matter what kind of square footage you’re working with, these buys go a long way to creating bathroom bliss.

Bring in Greenery

Bird’s Nest Fern
Bird’s Nest Fern, The Sill ($49)

Ferns not only make any space look extra-lush and verdant, they also thrive in high humidity, so they’re practically made for nestling close to your shower. Consider the bird’s nest fern a playful alternative to a more expected Boston variety.

Transport Yourself With Scent

Modern diffuser
Moonrise Reed Diffuser, P. F. Candle Co. ($26)

A simple reed diffuser ensures your space always smells fresh, and this one in particular has the added bonus of coming in a sleek, modern package. The scent Moonrise is evocative of a warm summer escape, with notes of yuzu, jasmine, and smoked cedarwood.

Try a Soothing Soap

Shower gel in glass bottle
Mind Body Wash, Bathing Culture ($37)

This shower gel from Bathing Culture not only comes in a pretty refillable glass jar, but it’s also formulated to smell like you’re taking a soak in a natural spring surrounded by plenty of lush woods. That’s enough to make a five-minute rinse feel a little more special.

Change Your Curtain

Geometric shower curtain
Arco Hike, Quiet Town ($198)

A canvas shower curtain looks and feels substantial. Invest in one you love—after all, it’s the focal point of your bathroom. This graphic option from Quiet Town is upcycled and finished with cotton binding, so it looks nice on the inside, too.

Refresh Your Rug

Wood floor mat
Deluxe Bamboo Floor Mat, QVC ($50)

Your bath mat is likely to get worn out faster than other textiles in your home, so swap it with something sturdier.

Stash Your Trinkets

Small shallow storage containers
Bits and Bobs Storage Container Sets, HAY ($42)

Earrings, watches, jewelry, hair ties—they all need someplace to go before you hop under the showerhead. Keep things tidy (and at no risk of accidentally falling down the drain) with the help of a few small storage dishes, like these from Hay.

Update Your Linens

Towel rack
6-piece Towel Set by Lavish Home, HSN ($52)

A high-quality, fluffy towel is essential for a calming post-bath or -shower experience. 

Elevate the Details

Gold shower curtain hooks
Shower Curtain Decorative Rings, Hearth & Hand with Magnolia ($10)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—shower hooks are the earrings of the bathroom. At just $10, these gold options from Hearth & Hand With Magnolia are a small price for the major difference they’ll make. 

Liven Up Your Sink Edge

Squiggle-shaped soap dish
Soap Dish, Chantal Ceramics ($25)

Bar soap is just as effective as a gel alternative and it lasts longer—but if you still need more persuading to make the switch, might we offer these squiggle-shaped dishes from Chantal Ceramics to keep it in place?

Find Your New Tools

Tortoiseshell comb
The Comb No. 001, Crown Affair ($36)

No one likes dealing with knots, which is why it’s wise to keep a comb in easy reach if you have longer hair. This one from Crown Affair is great for getting out tangles and giving yourself a much-needed scalp massage while you’re at it. 

Hydrate With Intention 

CBD body oil
Moon Saber Aromatic CBD Body Oil, Highborn ($58)

To really lock in moisture after your soak, body oil is unbeatable. This aromatic one from Highborn (which smells like blue tansy and neroli) is infused with CBD to give your sore limbs some extra relief.

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