Without question, your bathroom should be a calm oasis in your home. Why, do you ask? Simple. It’s both your at-home spa and where most of your self-care practices take place—whether that’s soaking in the bathtub, brushing your teeth, or applying a face mask. Since your bathroom is paramount when it comes to self-care, it should be a room you love walking into, not a space you resent or even feel “meh” about. That’s why little design elements like stylish shower curtains and chic toothbrush holders can make a huge difference both aesthetically and functionally.

So, whether your bathroom already feels like an oasis, could use a total overhaul, or falls somewhere in between, the picks ahead will help you achieve total #bathroomgoals. Read on to see our favorite pieces and get ready to instantly spruce up your bathroom and your life.

Bathroom Wire Storage Basket, Jet.com

Place this little bronze basket in your shower, on a countertop in your bathroom, or on the toilet tank for a sleek design touch that also keeps your products in order. You can stow anything from toiletries to toilet paper in this basket, so you’ll never render it useless should your needs change.

Glass Apothecary Jar, Jet.com ($9.97)

In your bathroom, there is the inevitable fact that you’ll need items like cotton balls, q-tips, or even extra hair ties at some point or another. Put them away in nice glass jars, that way you know exactly where everything is right when you need it most.

Performance Bath Towel 6-Piece Set, Jet.com ($19.17)

A set of good-looking, high-performance bath towels are a must in any bathroom. Not only do these simple navy blue towels look the part, but they’re quick dry and extra absorbent, too. If that isn’t enough to get you on board, the fact that they’re navy blue means they’re harder to stain. Finally, you get six towels for under $20. That. Is. A. Steal.

Wood White Washed Ladder, Jet.com ($62)

One way to store towels without taking up nearly any space is by way of a chic ladder. It can act as a decor element that is just as functional as it is good to look at. We like this wooden option because the organic materials make for a calm vibe.

Glen Wall Mirror, Jet.com ($548)

Whether you need a mirror over your sink, or you have another wall in your bathroom that is empty, this beautiful and simple circle wall mirror can make your bathroom feel bigger and give you a place to do your hair, makeup, and skincare routine.

Solid Crochet Shower Set, Jet.com ($24.84)

It can be tough to find the right shower curtain for your bathroom. For one, they make a huge statement, making it hard to commit to anything too stylish. That’s why we’re digging this crochet option: it will give your bathroom a soft and comforting vibe and it comes with two bath mats, so everything seamlessly matches.

Aquala Bathtub Caddy, Jet.com ($40)

A word to the wise: do not knock a bathtub caddy until you try it. Seriously, sometimes there’s nothing better than relaxing in the tub with a good book, your favorite show, and even a glass of wine. This option is waterproof and the metal arms ensure your valuables are securely affixed to the tub.  

Floating Shelf, Jet.com ($41.66)

An easy way to transform an overcrowded bathroom into a calm sanctuary is by adding a wall shelf or two. Unload some of the clutter onto your new shelves to keep your items evenly spaced out and your mind at ease.

Seagrass Basket with Handles- Set of 3, Jet.com ($50.49)

If you have too many towels for your towel rack or no towel rack at all, a basket is the perfect way to neatly store towels. This awesome seagrass option comes in a set of three, so you can place the other two in a different bathroom, another area in your home, or even the same bathroom if need be.

Sono Soap Dispenser, Jet.com ($33.78)

When it comes to buying hand soap, a lot of the time we’ll splurge just to get our hands on a bottle that looks good enough to sit on our countertop. Instead of spending too much on soap just for the aesthetics, give yourself total soap freedom with a soap dispenser you like. The smooth, organic shape of this mod soap dispenser will add a calming feel to your bathroom. Get ready to feel happy every time you wash your hands.

Blue Glass Toothbrush Holder, Jet.com ($7.84)

Sometimes, it’s the simple options that make for the best solutions. This toothbrush holder fits that category. Any see-through material, like glass, means that your countertop won’t look cluttered. We like the simple, sleek design.

Scillae Tissue Box, Jet.com ($19.32)

Unfortunately, cardboard tissue boxes are not the most charming items to look at. That’s why a design-forward tissue box cover is an important aspect to your bathroom (and other rooms). This simple, modern option looks clean and will bode well in a bathroom.

Distressed Square Stool, Jet.com ($104.99)

A stool can be both a helpful tool and an awesome design element in a bathroom. Use it to help you access hard-to-reach shelves, as a place to sit while you paint your toes, or even a place to put your towel while you’re in the shower.

Tri Framed Painting Print, Jet.com ($96.04)

Hanging art is one of the of the easiest ways to transform a space! It’s not often that our bathrooms have tons of wall space for art, but when they do, utilize the space to help create a soothing oasis.  

Single Cavity Salt Box, Jet.com ($18.98)

When it comes to bathroom decor, get creative. This sleek wooden box is intended to hold salt, but it will bode well in the bathroom for knick-knacks that you want out of sight and out of mind, like hair ties.

Seagrass 6-Gallon Trash Can, Jet.com ($12.99)

Every bathroom needs a trash can, so you might as well make sure the one you have looks the part. This seagrass trash can is a great option because the woven seagrass adds some texture to your bathroom.

Watercolor Noodle Rug – Set of 2, Jet.com ($22.24)

These colorful rugs are great for several reasons. One, they’ll add some color to your bathroom. Two, they employ a skid-resistant backing, so you don’t have to worry about sliding around your bathroom floor. Three, they’re super soft on your feet. Lastly, they come in a set of two which means you can keep one as a backup, or use both if you have a large bathroom.

Barrel Shower Caddy, Jet.com ($44.92)

The shower caddy often gets a bad rep, but depending on the size of your shower, it’s inevitable. In small spaces, there is nowhere else to neatly store your soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. If you’re going to go the shower caddy route, make sure it isn’t an eyesore. With its clean lines, this option is one of the few that gets the job done right.

Marble Facet Soap Dish, Jet.com ($20.15)

If you’re one who prefers bar soap over liquid soap, you’ll definitely want a nice soap dish in your bathroom. This soap dish is an elegant way to store it sans any mess.

Mercury Glass Tealight Holder, Set of 3 ($7)

Candles are an integral component to achieving the bathroom oasis of your dreams. Treat yourself to some tealight holders you love, that way you can light candles when you please without worrying about making a mess.