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15 Bathroom Essentials Every Minimalist Deserves

Your spa-like experience begins now.
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Photography by Aaron Bengochea

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Despite good design, in order to get your bathroom looking top-notch, it’s important to pay attention to the details. From your waste bin and toilet brush holder to your towels and toothbrush holder, carefully selecting some design-forward pieces can help your bathroom look and feel like a soothing reprieve.

And while we love the thought of filling our space with an eclectic slew of items and accessories, there is something to be said of one that comes with a curated approach. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the not-so-obvious make or break pieces you need to achieve that ultimate spa-like experience and a minimalist bathroom scheme that exudes pure style. Click through to see for yourself.

Photography by Tenfold New York

Brass Slatted Soap Dish, Tenfold New York, $42

Getting organized never looked this good. Crafted of a satin-finished brass, this slatted soap dish will impart your minimalist space with a lustrous color detail that will go unmatched.

Photography by cold picnic

Islands Bathmat, Cold Picnic, $60

This color-blocked bath mat has a multitude of benefits: It dries quickly, is pleasant on your feet, and will add just the right pop of color to any bathroom.
Photography by super good thing

Soap, Good Thing, $29

From designer Jasper Morrison comes a refreshing take on a bathroom staple that presents itself in the form of a streamlined make. Fragrance and pigment-free, this one embodies minimalism at its finest.

best bathroom accessories shower curtain
Photography by DENY DESIGNS

Laura Redburn Seeing Faces Shower Curtain

, Deny Designs, $88.99

Forget your average shower curtain—this fun, custom-made option will add a graphic touch to your bathroom.

best bathroom accessories tissue cage
Photography by YAMAZAKI HOME

Rin Tissue Cage, Yamazaki Home, $33

Unfortunately, most tissue boxes aren’t very design-forward. Solve that problem with this stylish tissue cage that will add (not detract) from your bathroom decor.

best bathroom accessories towel
Photography by TURKISH T

Basic White Striped Bath Towel, Turkish T, $28.99

This chic towel is both eco-friendly and multifunctional. Use it as a beach towel, a bath towel, a sarong, a tablecloth, or even a scarf—the options are endless.

best bathroom accessories toilet brush
Photography by UMBRA

Corsa Toilet Brush, Umbra, $19.99

Upgrade your toilet brush to a chic, design-forward option—you don’t want it throwing off your otherwise carefully-designed bathroom.

best bathroom accessories wastecan
Photography by DESIGN IDEAS

Kayfong Lidded Wastecan, Design Ideas, $39.99

Don’t let your garbage stress you out. This bamboo wastebin has such a clean, soothing look, it almost makes you forget the trash inside.

best bathroom accessories toilet paper holder
Photography by FERM LIVING

Black Toilet Paper Holder, Ferm Living, $38.99

When it comes to toilet paper holders, you want something both functional and visually appealing. In this one from Ferm Living, form and function blend effortlessly.

best bathroom accessories hub ladder
Photography by UMBRA

Hub Ladder, Umbra, $79.99

This hub ladder is a bestselling item, and it’s no surprise why: It’s a design accent all on its own, and allows you to neatly hang all your towels in one place.

best bathroom accessories toothbrush holder
Photography by UMBRA

Fiboo Toothbrush Holder, Umbra, $8.99

This matte toothbrush holder has crisp, clean lines and a matte finish that allows it to work with every design style.

best bathroom accessories tote
Photography by CRATE & BARREL

Sedona Honey Lidded Rectangular Tote, Crate & Barrel, $24.95

Keep your knickknacks hidden in this handwoven rattan and buri lidded basket.

best bathroom accessories ojai mat
Photography by QUIET TOWN

Topanga Bath Mat, Quiet Town, $62

This handwoven bath mat is super cute and easy to care for—all you need to do is machine wash in cold water, and it’s as good as new.

best bathroom accessories hamper
Photography by YAMAZAKI HOME

Tower Laundry Hamper, Yamazaki Home, $45

This lightweight hamper is effortlessly functional, but its added benefit is the fact that it won’t make your dirty laundry look like an eyesore.

best bathroom accessories shower caddy
Photography by UMBRA

Cubiko Shower Caddy, Umbra, $29.99

Fit all your belongings with ease in this sophisticated shower caddy that boasts statement-making geometry and metal accents.

This story was originally published September 06, 2017, it has been updated with new information.

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