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Among the long list of qualms every small-space dweller faces, the lack of storage options tends to ring in at the top. The bathroom is a particularly tough spot to deal with because the only thing tinier than the room itself is the medicine cabinet, where you’re expected to squeeze all your everyday vanity essentials, from toothbrushes to deodorant. Let’s not forget the bath towels, cleaning supplies, and extra toilet paper. So much stuff and so little square footage—which makes the need for options that don’t just hide everything but look good while doing it even more critical. With this in mind, we set out to do the (seemingly) impossible: uncover small bathroom storage ideas that don’t sacrifice design-forwardness for function.

If It Needs to Do Double Duty

Perhaps you have no medicine cabinet at all. No problem. These shelving-mirror combos are much better-looking, transportable takes on the rental bathroom staple. 

If You Only Have Vertical Surfaces to Work With

When you’re restricted on floor space, take to the walls. These hanging storage pieces promise to keep your things tucked out of the way—even laundry.

If You’re Constantly Moving Things Around

Having the liberty to shift your things from one corner to another is a significant storage plus inside a small bathroom. This makes it easier to push the hamper or utility cart–turned–vanity out of the way to make cleaning a cinch.

If You Could Use a Linen Closet

A freestanding cabinet can do the job just as well. Stack your favorite linens on the shelves and conceal the rest behind closed doors.