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The Best Bathroom Mirrors Have These 4 Qualities, Above All Else

Shape is just the start.
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Bathroom Mirrors
Photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg, Styling by Rosie Fridman.

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A bathroom without a mirror is like a living room without a sofa—it’s as essential to the space as some of those, ahem, more functional elements (yes, we mean the toilet). But Anthony Barzilay Freund, editorial director at online purveyor 1stDibs, says that mirrors shouldn’t just reflect your morning routine. They can serve as a dramatic gesture in bathrooms, which are often tiny and windowless. Mirrors, he says, add much-needed “style pizzazz,” not only through the shape but the frame, too. A sentiment we gladly cosign. Plus they amplify light through reflection, therefore expanding the space. And what else? Hayes Little Studio cofounder Kate Hayes adds: “Scale is wildly important.” The ideal mirror should be large enough to expand a small space without dominating it, and sufficiently sizable to fill up a larger one.

With so many options on the market, in nearly every color, frame material, and shape, we wanted to narrow down the choices to a few of our favorites. Whether featured in spaces we love or carrying the stamp of approval from Domino’s Style team, the best bathroom mirrors will make you do a double take—and not just to check your hair.

Our Favorites

The Understated Beauty: Rejuvenation Bentwood Rounded Rectangle Mirror

The Understated Beauty

Bentwood Rounded Rectangle Mirror, Rejuvenation

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Shape: Rectangle | Frame: Wood | Sizes: 24-by-36 inches; 32-by-48 inches

What we like:

  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Easy installation
  • Solid wood frame

Worth noting:

  • Limited color palette

Why we chose it: Chic and versatile, and it pairs easily with other accessories.

Hayes loves a soft, rounded corner on a bathroom mirror (clear from one of the choices for her Atlanta home), and she says this Rejuvenation pick is clean and subtle enough to let other elements shine without getting lost. “Is she a showpiece or does she take a back seat?” Hayes says she often asks of a bathroom mirror, and this one can do both. Available in black ash, walnut, and white oak, the solid wood frame can be hung vertically or horizontally, or even propped up behind a sink basin. The keyhole hanger makes it supersimple to install; just make sure you use the anchors—it’s not light!

The Scene-Stealer With Storage: Shades of Light Metal Mirror With Storage Shelf

The Scene-Stealer with Storage

Metal Mirror with Shelf in Dark Bronze, Shades of Light

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Shape: Rectangle | Frame: Metal | Size: 27.5-by-19.5-by-6 inches

What we like:

  • Modern style
  • Built-in storage
  • 2 vintage-esque shades

Worth noting:

  • Only 1 size

Why we chose it: Store bath accessories or a bud vase in this industrial-chic mirror’s built-in shelf.

When designer Tali Roth helped General Issue founder Susan Woo renovate her Hudson Valley, New York, home, the pair settled on simple, monochromatic choices, and this bathroom mirror ticked all the boxes. “It’s much easier to make minimalist silhouettes and neutral materials appear luxe, and I didn’t want there to be a single space that looked like we forgot about it,” the designer previously told Domino. The metal mirror meshes perfectly with the bathroom’s other modern elements, like the aged brass and taupe leather sconces, utility sink, and matte black faucet. And in a home that’s often the convening place for Woo’s extended family, smart storage solutions like the mirror’s 6-inch-deep shelf are a must.

The Powder Room Pop: Renwil Tufa Gold Powder Coated Mirror

The Powder Room Pop

Renwil Gold Mirror, Amazon

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Shape: Rectangle | Frame: Metal | Size: 28-by-20 inches

What we like:

  • Visually interesting shape
  • Gold frame adds glitz
  • Beveled glass 

Worth noting:

  • Very thin frame

Why we chose it: Add a dose of quirky personality to bathroom design.

Los Angeles–based designer Natalie Myers is a stickler for using powder rooms to create a moment. Case in point: the groovy gold mirror she chose over wallpaper for her clients’ Spanish-style Bel-Air residence. When it comes to bathrooms, she says, bringing in unexpected materials like brass, caning, leather, and wood helps you break out of the medicine cabinet rut. “I love this style because it’s reminiscent of vintage mid-century French- and Italian-style mirrors and adds a touch of European chicness to modern spaces,” she explains. “I chose it for the slight curvature in its form as a counterbalance to the square, chunky profile of the stone countertop and to pick up the subtle curve detail in the side splash.”

The Classy Contemporary: Greyleigh Needville Accent Mirror

The Classy Contemporary

Greyleigh Needville Round Metal Wall Mirror, Wayfair

$113 $35
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Shape: Round | Frame: Aluminum | Sizes: 18-plus inches 

What we like:

  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Comes in 6 different finishes
  • Affordable

Worth noting:

  • Warranty must be purchased separately

Why we chose it: It brings a look…full circle.

The Needville is just right for a moderate-size bathroom, and its thin edge isn’t too distracting, so the focus will always be on you. And it seems only natural that designer Cleo Murnane of Project M Plus chose this brass-finished round mirror to complement the brass lighting and fixtures in Joy Cho’s Los Angeles creative studio/guest home. The whole space is a lesson in how to use shape and material as a jumping-off point. The connections are all over the place. See the floor? Fireclay’s hand-painted Fallow tile echoes the mirror, and the Oh Joy! founder chose Reform fronts for her cabinetry with, you guessed it, circular inset handles. The round base of a brass wall sconce tops everything off.

The Grand Gesture: Crofthouse Round Chambers Mirror

The Grand Gesture

Round Chambers Mirror, Croft House

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Shape: Round | Frame: Steel | Sizes: Customizable

What we like:

  • Facility will store your order for up to 30 days after completion, free of charge
  • Handmade to order
  • Made in the U.S.

Worth noting:

  • Pricey
  • Bleach, alcohol, or petroleum-based cleaners not recommended

Why we chose it: Big and bold, this mirror can easily stand on its own.

When designer Sarah Sherman Samuel revamped the Los Angeles home of Garance Doré, she found common ground with her photographer-writer client in understanding the importance of a photo-worthy backdrop. Every room in the house is Instagram-worthy thanks to a renovation that features matte finishes, blond wood, and neutral tones throughout. One place we wouldn’t mind posing for a selfie is in front of Doré’s magnificent bathroom mirror (as seen above). With the exception of a pair of Hudson Valley sconces, the mirror is a more-than-capable centerpiece. Set against sleek subway tile, it effortlessly accentuates the room’s custom cabinetry and beige marble countertop.

The Colorful Frame Moment: Raawii Duplum Mirror

The Colorful Frame Moment

Raawii Duplum Mirror, Design Within Reach

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Shape: Round | Frame: Earthenware | Size: 19-inch diameter

What we like:

  • Fun color choices
  • Weighs only 8 pounds
  • 3 hanging options

Worth noting:

  • Mounting hardware not included

Why we chose it: A bright, whimsical addition that’ll breathe life into your bathroom.

Neutral shades are common among bathroom designs, but pops of color have their advantages in the space. We’re willing to bet it would be hard to walk into a room and not feel your energy shift after laying eyes upon Copenhagen-based Raawii’s Duplum mirror. It comes in four mood-boosting shades: breezy-feeling coral blush; matte freesia, an absolutely electrifying yellow hue; red passion, an instant pick-me-up; and soothing blue ink. We love that the handmade ceramic piece is equipped with three holes on the back, offering you a little wiggle room with mounting options. Then there’s the glazed finish, which makes it that much more vibrant and pleasing to the eye. If you’re searching for that vibe-y moment, we suggest working this mirror into the mix.

The Cool Kid With Staying Power: Gustaf Westman Blue Chunky Mini Mirror

The Cool Kid with Staying Power

Gustaf Westman Objects Blue Chunky Mini Mirror, Ssense

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Shape: Rectangle | Frame: Wood | Size: 47.24-by-28.54 inches

What we like:

  • Gustaf Westman design (need we say more?)
  • Free returns on all orders
  • Available in 2 sizes

Worth noting:

  • Pricey

Why we chose it: This popular selection will snag you all the likes. 

Design lovers catapulted Gustaf Westman’s charmingly quirky mirrors to cult-level status when people started making their own versions. The steep price tag is a factor; it’s the most expensive accessory on our list. The source of the fanfare around his Chunky Mini Mirror is pretty obvious, though—the bright color palette (light blue, cream, lilac) and the frame’s tubelike girth are equally as intriguing as its curvy predecessor’s qualities. The handcrafted lacquered wood has a semi-matte finish, but who needs an artificial gloss? The mirror shines all on its own.

The Textural Touch: Pottery Barn Brooke Rattan Arch Wall Mirror

Brooke Rattan Arch Wall Mirror, Pottery Barn

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Shape: Arched | Frame: Rattan, MDF | Sizes: 24-by-38-by-1.25 inches

What we like:

  • Hardware included 
  • Handwoven details 
  • Easy returns

Worth noting:

  • Vertical mounting only 

Why we chose it: A hand-wrapped frame you wouldn’t normally think of for the bathroom. 

We first spied this arched mirror in Lindsey Vovl Robinson’s sprawling Michigan home with multiple bathrooms. It’s situated in between two wood sconces, and we love the natural texture it adds to the smaller space (a powder room), especially since it’s paired with fluted tile. And while definitely on the pricier side, it’s a great alternative to shiny metal or wood. Plus the fibers are wrapped around an MDF frame, so you don’t have to worry about it warping over time. 

The Unassuming Medicine Cabinet: West Elm Seamless Medicine Cabinet

Seamless Medicine Cabinet, West Elm

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Shape: Rounded | Frame: Metal | Sizes: 16.5-by-27.5 inches; 21-by-34 inches; 60-by-34 inches 

What we like:

  • Mirror-lined interior 
  • Adjustable glass shelves 

Worth noting:

  • Heavy—but that’s how you know it’s quality 

Why we chose it: Smooth, rounded edges pull back to reveal adjustable shelves to secretly stock your skin-care essentials. 

In a rental apartment, we’re big proponents of extra storage. When our style editor, Julia Stevens, was searching for a mirror to add to her New York City bathroom, she landed on this seamless chrome number from West Elm. The rounded corners provide the just-right amount of oomph to pop against the backdrop of her square, “sad beige” tile. The whole vibe, she says, is decidedly luxe and took her bathroom from feeling itty-bitty to small but fancy. Plus when it’s time to move out, she can take the piece with her. Aside from choosing between five metal finishes (chrome, antique brass, matte black, dark bronze, and brushed nickel), you can opt for it to be more permanently wall mounted or recessed.

The Refined Rectangle: Schoolhouse Graycliff Walnut Mirror

The Refined Rectangle

Graycliff Walnut Mirror, Schoolhouse

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Shape: Rectangle | Frame: Walnut | Sizes: 14-by-24 inches; 18-by-30 inches

What we like:

  • Beveled frame
  • Hangs horizontal or vertical
  • 2 sizes available

Worth noting:

  • Only available in 1 shade

Why we chose it: An elegant accessory with stylish edgework.

Vintage touches are always a welcome addition, and this walnut-framed mirror is a winner for those who are inspired by designs past. The beveled look adds depth to a room, and its slanted edges increase light reflection, creating the illusion of more space (small bathroom owners, take note). Suitable for a classic or transitional bathroom, the mirror’s reasonable price lets you quickly transform your space into a timeless haven.

The Hang-It-Your-Way Oval: AYTM Angui Wall Mirror

The Hang-it-Your-Way Oval

Angui Wall Mirror, AYTM

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Shape: Oval | Frame: Steel | Sizes: 11.4-by-30.7 inches; 15.4-by-42.5 inches

What we like:

  • Comes in 4 earthy tones
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting options for 2 drastically different looks
  • 2 sizes available

Worth noting:

  • Pricey
  • Ships in 8 to 10 weeks

Why we chose it: An elongated mirror that brings the drama, masquerading as wall decor.

In the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, row house she shares with her family, Linda Bui went moody in the powder room with floor-to-ceiling ebony ceramic tile and creamy terrazzo flooring from Concrete Collaborative. (A good learning moment: She chose the dark walls to contrast the bright aesthetic sprinkled throughout the rest of the residence.) So what better way to drive home that point than by layering in more black hues, all punctuated with the addition of the anthracite oval mirror. The pipe-style frame can be mounted on its own or alongside another (or two) for a unique gallery-like display. If you’re looking for a slightly different look, its frame also comes in brass, pink, and silver.

We Also Like

Frameless Bathroom Mirrors 

This one’s for the minimalist who prefers their wall decor to be “barely there” or the maximalist who prefers their eye-catching wallpaper not compete with their mirror design. Pair Glacier Bay’s Classic Rectangle Frameless Vanity Mirror with some mirror clips and hang it vertically or horizontally. Another favorite is Room & Board’s Focus Mirror; it features interlocking brackets as a hidden hanging system to maintain a clean look.

Vintage Bathroom Mirrors

In addition to being more sustainable by not purchasing new, other perks of vintage mirrors include their ornate framework (detailed engravings, arching, bronzing) and their ability to offer an eye-catching juxtaposition against other accessories in the home, even those from different eras. Some of Freund’s favorite stores on 1stDibs for vintage mirror shopping include Derive, Maison Gerard, Ponce Berga, and Lalithamma.

How We Chose These Products

Given the plethora of options, settling on a bathroom mirror is, well, a task. For our selections, we considered all kinds of shapes, from standard rectangles and ovals to more unconventional options. Then, to bring together our edit of the best bathroom mirrors, we narrowed down our preferences based on frame materials and tapped designers and Domino’s Style team for input. From there, we researched how specific bathrooms benefit from certain mirror types (i.e., which ones create the illusion of more space or which are a design moment in and of themselves), and enlisted the help of Hayes and Freund for feedback on the most important aspects of a bathroom mirror.

Our Shopping Checklist


When it comes to bathroom mirror shapes and designs, the options are endless. But here are a couple tips to keep in mind during your search. Choose a circular mirror to soften a more contemporary look, and designate a wood-frame rectangular number if you have a more classic style. But Freund also offers his own take: Don’t be afraid to go outside the box. “In my own powder room, rather than install a demure mirror just over the sink, I bought a long horizontal mirror with a razorlike brass frame that covers the entire wall,” he says. (For the finishing touch, he bookended the mirror with a decorative pair of Laura Gonzalez’s sculpted ceramic wall lamps.) 

Size and Orientation

Don’t settle on a mirror size that reflects your bathroom’s square footage. Even in the smallest spaces, there’s a ton of opportunity for creative placement—and that doesn’t always require a matchy-matchy approach. For instance, if you have a larger space and want to put the focus on wallpaper, you may prefer the appearance of multiple small- to medium-size mirrors placed side by side as opposed to a larger one that takes up wall space. 


As some of our options indicate, a single mirror doesn’t necessarily marry you to one mounting option. Many offer the option of hanging both horizontally and vertically. Rectangular shapes can be used to elongate a space or provide more wall coverage in a smaller bathroom and should be mounted anywhere between 5 and 10 inches above the faucet. For a full-length mirror, consider hanging it on the wall next to a sink. Frameless mirrors can either rest on top of the vanity or be mounted with a special adhesive or mirror clips.

Ask Domino

Q: What are the most ideal bathroom mirror materials?

Freund says that ideal materials “are either impervious to high humidity and temperature conditions or age well in a damp environment,” like stainless steel, ceramic, cast glass, bronze, fired enamel, stone (composite and natural), and plastic. Additionally, he lists natural (Urushiol) lacquer because it’s waterproof—but it is on the pricier side. Other materials like unfinished brass and copper, and some resinous woods like cedar and redwood, can be impacted by bathroom conditions, but the humidity exposure produces a desirable patina. Freud notes to keep this in mind when shopping.

Q: How do I choose the right mirror size and shape for my small bathroom?

To create symmetry, choose a mirror that’s the same width as the vanity. Or opt for a side-by-side setup with two or three mirrors, depending on how wide your wall is. A large mirror can, in turn, reflect a ton of light and make a small bathroom feel bigger and more open. In the end, Freund says to have fun with your choice and don’t feel boxed in by size restrictions. “Just because the room is small doesn’t mean the mirror has to be,” he explains. “Use it as an opportunity to play with scale and texture.”

The Last Word

You’ll know you’ve chosen one of the best bathroom mirrors when it fills space without overpowering it, effortlessly anchors the design, and makes you take a second look before turning to leave. And if it’s anywhere near as entrancing as Gustaf Westman’s Blue Chunky Mini Mirror, it will instantly bless your bathroom with style—exactly what we expect from a piece that can add so much charisma.