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In the world of Instagram-famous furniture pieces, one remains instantly recognizable: Gustaf Westman’s Curvy Mirror. We first caught wind of the piece when we saw it popping up in chic Swedish and Danish creatives’ pastel-colored homes. And then like any cool trend to come out of Scandinavia, the wall-leaning mirror was everywhere else in the world. However, recently Westman debuted a new iteration, and there’s not a single squiggle in sight. Introducing the Chunky Mirror.

The fresh find was supposed to just be a one-off commission, but when Westman teased the product in March 2021, it was too much for his social media followers to handle: They quickly convinced the designer to put the piece into semi-regular production. The wait list dropped earlier this week, and to no one’s surprise it filled in mere hours. 

Available in two sizes, the larger one sits at 73 inches tall, while the mini is 47 inches. Both are constructed in the same way as the famous wavy version—a wood frame with a semi-matte, lacquered finish. But rather than curvy wood trim that weaves around the glass, this style has a rounded frame that looks almost inflated, like a balloon. Westman is on a roll, launching a mini model of the Curvy Mirror (just 35 inches tall) this week, with lighting on its way in 2022. Sometimes peer pressure can be a good thing.

The Curvy Mirror Micro next to its full-sized cousin.